Love Your Roof Week

A week’s worth of advice on what will happen if you don’t love your roof, and how to fiercely love your roof, from The Roof Lover, Todd Miller.

  • Saturday Decreased home value.

    New Price Real Estate Sign

    Conventional roofing materials often have two lives – a functional life and an aesthetic life. They may function just fine for 15 or even 20 years but they looked ragged and just unattractive after a few years of weathering as edges curls and dark streaks and stains develop. When this happen, they detract from your home’s value and curb appeal. A metal roof is a great way to increase your home’s value now and long into the future.

  • Friday Ice dams.

    ice dams

    For homes located in northern climates, the first line of defense against ice dams is proper attic sealing, insulation, and ventilation. However, a metal roof with panels that are carefully interlocked together can still provide great resistance against damage from ice dams and pooling water on your roof.

  • Thursday Major risk in the event of storms.


    Roofing materials other than metal go through a process of degradation that makes them more prone to damage with each storm. Whether the risk in your area is from wind, rain, ice, snow, or extreme heat, metal offers the greatest resiliency and durability. This will allow you to rest calmly even during severe storms.

  • Wednesday High energy costs.

    High energy costs

    Roofing materials like tile and standard shingles absorb and hold the sun’s heat, continuing to radiate it into the home even after the sun has gone down. A metal roof has reflective properties to keep heat out of your attic and reduce the air conditioning loads experience by your home. Additionally, metal roofs quickly lose their heat when the sun goes behind a cloud or a gentle breeze blow, rather than continue to radiate it into the home.

  • Tuesday Fire risk

    House roof on fire

    In the case of airborne sparks or burning brands, your roof often provides the first level of protection from a tragedy at your home. While some roofing materials are fire resistant when they are first installed, they quickly lose that fire resistance as they age. Metal Roofs are non-combustible and provide great protection for a home throughout their long life.

  • Monday Water in your home’s walls, deteriorated foundation, water in crawlspace and basement.

    Damage caused by water in a wall

    A deteriorated roof can allow water to reach places you do not want it to be. Water that gets past your roofing shingles can end up on your walls, basement, and crawlspace. And everything it touches on its way there will eventually become water-damaged and prone to rot, loss of strength, and mold. Metal roofs do not deteriorate the way that others do, providing lasting protection for your home.