Climate Change and Construction

Climate Change and Construction with Crystal Egger and Kathryn Prociv

As weather patterns shift and evolve, the presence of skilled meteorologists is becoming mandatory. In the United States alone, we’ve faced many catastrophes over the past few years, from wildfires in California and Colorado to blizzards in Texas to hurricanes in the South. Extreme weather crops up across the country, and many communities have suffered… ( read more )

evolve stone

Evolve Stone: Best in Show at IBS 2022 with Greg Fritz and Tyler Baier

Our guests, Greg Fritz and Tyler Baier of Evolve Stone, are the CEO and National Sales Manager of this up-and-coming company. Evolve Stone recently won Best in Show and Most Innovative Building Material at the 2022 International Builder’s Show for their unique stone veneer product. Installed with just a nail gun, Evolve Stone’s incredible durability,… ( read more )

Mary and Jason Sturgeon

Gamifying the Construction Process with Mary and Jason Sturgeon

Construction is a stubborn field. People are content to maintain tradition, rarely questioning decades-old processes despite the possibility of greater success with new ideas. Unfortunately, this rigidity excludes many potential change agents from sharing their unique perspectives. If we can embrace diversity in thought and personnel, our industry will flourish in ways it never has…. ( read more )

Casey Grey

Casey Grey – Conscious Construction for a Better Future

Consciousness is awareness both of oneself and one’s surroundings. In construction, this manifests as a proactive choice to consider the environment, client concerns, costs, and everything making up a new building or renovation. It also means choosing to form an open, honest relationship between everyone involved in a job, from contractor to architect, every step… ( read more )

Tony Trapp

Tony Trapp – Career Centers Trump College

Despite the consistent messaging that every student should go to college, technical schools have continued to provide opportunities for training and a path for gainful employment. As opinions shift, many students find fulfillment and pride in their career through career technical education. Offering a chance to join the workforce sooner by developing their skills, career… ( read more )

Robert August

Robert August – Upcoming Construction Trends

Change is the one constant in the construction industry. No matter how hard people, companies, and procedures resist change, consumers demand novelty. They want the new, the colorful, the innovative. These desires shape trends, only further influenced by a multitude of external factors. For example, health is a pressing concern, and technology continues to make… ( read more )