one year

One Year of Construction Disruption with Ethan, Ryan, Seth, and Todd

In this special episode, all four members of the Construction Disruption podcast assemble to reminisce, remark, and reflect on the first year of the show. After fifty-plus episodes, we take a walk back through our favorite moments, guests, and topics. We also discuss our outlook for the future of the show, and where we aim… ( read more )

Jenny Saunders

Partner with the Right Bank for You with Jenny Saunders

Working with a bank shouldn’t be just another expense. Instead, seek a financial partner who will actively facilitate your success. In this episode, FC Bank president Jenny Saunders shares her view of banking from thirty years of experience and breaks down the ideal banking relationship. Jenny encourages you to pursue the right bank and to create an… ( read more )

Melissa Furman

Dr. Melissa Furman: Beating the Labor Shortage

While the construction industry isn’t alone in the labor shortage, some specific problems it faces are unique. First, finding people who want to work outside with their hands is difficult. Many potential workers choose college over the skilled trades, a trend that is beginning to change. Second, it’s also dealing with a multi-generational workforce. There… ( read more )

Adam Mazzella

Under the Hood of a Leading Manufacturer with Adam Mazzella

At Construction Disruption, we’re always searching for innovative ideas worth sharing. Whether these take the form of new technologies, ideas, or processes, the future is bright. In today’s episode, we interview Adam Mazzella, executive vice president of Sheffield Metals International, a family-owned business on the leading edge of metal roofing. Sheffield distributes bare and coated metal… ( read more )

Bob Armbrister

Implementing Technology in Construction with Bob Armbrister

There are many reasons why a construction company might doubt its need for custom software. Maybe it’s too complex, there’s no need for it, or the process of adopting it might hinder operations. However, the world moves fast around us. Focusing on progress and innovation can take your business to the next level. President and… ( read more )

Building with Aluminum with Chuck Johnson and Ryan Roush

As the world moves toward being energy-efficiency, consumers are changing their perspective on the materials they prefer in building and construction. Aluminum’s low weight, high strength, and green attributes position it perfectly as a disruptor. Studies have shown increasing demand in the major aluminum markets and corresponding investment. Most of the aluminum used in 2021… ( read more )