RJ Adler

Changing Lives with Portable and Accessible Housing with RJ Adler

Our guest RJ Adler is Director of Growth and Business Development at WheelPad Inc., a Vermont company creating accessible housing for people with disabilities. When needs change due to disability, illness, or other circumstances, well-made portable housing can improve quality of life and retain some independence. WheelPad’s units connect to existing homes and utilities for… ( read more )

Lynda Lyday

The Life of a Carpenter with Lynda Lyday

Our guest Lynda Lyday is a home improvement expert and veteran of home improvement television with hundreds of appearances on HGTV, Discovery, and the DIY Network. Lynda is a licensed carpenter of 30 years and brings a unique perspective to homeowners as she shares her wisdom. A published author, too, Lynda has made it her… ( read more )

Elinor Moshe

Career Advice from the Construction Coach with Elinor Moshe

Our guest Elinor Moshe is Australia’s Construction Coach, guiding and mentoring industry professionals to discover the life they want. After feeling stuck in her career, she felt that she had lived for others and chosen her life’s path without the careful thought that it deserved. So, she vowed to change her direction and started a… ( read more )

Aaron Murphy

How Architects Help with Aging in Comfort with Aaron Murphy

Our guest Aaron Murphy, owner of ADM Architecture, is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist serving the Seattle area. After witnessing his grandmother unable to live comfortably in her home after an illness, Aaron knew he had to make a difference for the elderly. He started his career in architecture and now he owns a… ( read more )

Ed Johnson

Leadership and Giving Back with Ed Johnson

Our guest Ed Johnson, CEO of Johnson Global Ventures, is an executive with experience in leadership, marketing, sales, and real estate. He’s spent time as a sales trainer, a marketing executive, and a leadership consultant for NBA and NFL teams. Now he runs his own business, Johnson Global Ventures, and his consulting business Bambootility Media…. ( read more )

Ken Calligar

Building Resilient Housing with Ken Calligar

Our guest Ken Calligar, CEO of RSG 3-D, is a career investment banker won over by the stellar performance of RSG’s panel system. He loved the design so much he bought the company a few years ago. Now RSG is on a mission to spread the good word of panelized construction across the country and… ( read more )