Chris Duprey

Transparency and Buyer-Centric Sales with Chris Duprey

“Buyers don’t want to get pitched. They want to know they can trust you. They want to know that you understand what’s going on in their environment. They want to know that you actually can solve their thing, and they don’t want to make a mistake.” Chris Duprey, Chief Customer Officer at Impact Vulnerability and… ( read more )

Sebastian Jimenez

Transforming Sales with AI with Sebastian Jimenez

“There are 10 billion face-to-face conversations in a commercial capacity between consumers and sales and service marketing people every single month. And I said, what if we could take all those conversations and make the offline world, the commercial world, as searchable and easy to analyze and understand as Google did for the Web?” Sebastian… ( read more )

Brad David

Smarter Construction Funding with Brad David

I’ve borrowed money from private guys, traditional guys, and hard money guys. You know, I’ve never had a loan managed this way. And as a builder, once I get over the fact you’re not just giving me the money and I get to do whatever I want to with it, this is a way to… ( read more )

Jared Ribble

Bringing Dignity to a Deserving Profession with Jared Ribble

“Roofers protect everything you hold dear. It deserves respect and we have to start standing up and saying we are not just roofers. I deserve a professional credential that shows I am awesome and deserve to be hired.” Jared Ribble, Vice President of Certification for NRCA and Director of the Qualified Trainer Program A roof… ( read more )

Andrew Legge

Insulation for a Better Tomorrow with Andrew Legge

Wool is just an awesome fiber, and we’re proud to work with it here in our facility, and we’re even more proud when we get it out to people and let them experience it. It’s rewarding to help people understand there are better ways to do things. And, you know, the built environment is changing… ( read more )

Shelby Ashley

Cash is King with Shelby Ashley

“Cash is the north star of your business. You can have all the profit in the world, but if you’re not converting that profit to cash, your business is going to nosedive quickly. You cannot stay in business if you don’t have cash. You can stay in business if you don’t have a profit.” Shelby… ( read more )