A Partnership for Sustainability: Solar Shingles

April 25, 2024


In partnership with CertainTeed, Isaiah Industries provides a beautiful and efficient solar shingle solution. This partnership gives customers a unique opportunity to integrate solar collection directly into their roof system.

The CertainTeed Solstice® Shingle allows homeowners to generate solar energy for their household needs, offsetting energy bills and, in some cases, selling power back to the utility company. This low-profile photovoltaic solar roofing system integrates directly into our high-quality shingles for a unified roof and solar power solution.

Solstice®Solar Shingles + Metal Shingles = 1 Great Solution

The benefits add up to a win for professional roofing contractors and the homeowners they serve. How?

Isaiah Industries offers several brands of durable, long-lasting metal shingles with a Lifetime / 40-year limited warranty. Within each brand, homeowners can choose from shake, shingle, slate, and tile looks in steel and aluminum. The heat-reflective Kynar®-coated metal panels reduce energy bills and, combined with solar power generation, offer a significant value proposition for homeowners.

CertainTeed’s Solstice® solar shingles embody the manufacturers’ deep knowledge of interior and exterior building products. With a commitment to quality and value this impressive product delivers:

  • Beautiful sleek, uniform appearance integrating seamlessly with metal shingles.
  • Simplified design and easy permitting for fast installation.
  • Dependable with the use of patented state-of-the-art technology with market-leading impact and wind resistance for solar shingles, it matches our commitment to both technology and protection for homeowners.
  • Superior performance even under diffused light and shade, boosting overall energy production

We are committed to offering our customers leading-edge solutions for producing solar energy from their roofs. Learn more about our partnership with CertainTeed here. Please contact our team today for a consultation on your upcoming project.

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