Brian Kaskavalciyan

Empowering your Business and Achieving your Goals with Brian Kaskavalciyan

“I don’t care how much money he’s got in the bank. That’s not wealth. Wealth is having a business that works for you so that you can go do the things that you want to do with your life. Your life should not be your business. The business is only a vehicle to fund your… ( read more )

Corey Berrier

AI and the Future of Home Services with Corey Berrier

“This is an opportunity kind of like when the Internet came about. I mean, we’re in a time right now that either one of two things is going to happen. Either you’re going to get on board [with AI], or you’re going to be left way behind.” – Corey Berrier, Co-Founder at AI Automations Group,… ( read more )

Frank Somma,

Face-to-face Communication in a Digital Era with Frank Somma

“The biggest thing for me as a salesperson is to remember that you are responsible for the result of your communication. You are responsible for all your communication because you want to be. You need to get a point across. It doesn’t serve you to say she misunderstood me. He didn’t get me. That’s not… ( read more )

Bill Sims Jr.

The Power of Positive Reinforcement with Bill Sims Jr.

“The number one driver of employee safety engagement, performance improvement, quality, and productivity is not a t-shirt, a ball cap, a pizza party, nor is it a bigger 4011k plan or even working from home. The single biggest driver of employee morale, engagement, and mental health is when my boss looks me in the eye… ( read more )

Arnie Didier

Insights into Mass Timber with Arnie Didier

“[With mass timber,] you get a beautiful building as the end result that people want to work in. People want to be in it, and they want to tell that story. The other side of that is the speed of delivery of the product. You know, when you’re essentially creating offsite materials and bringing it… ( read more )

Danielle Keperling

Passionately Preserving Historic Buildings with Danielle Keperling

“We’re not making museums. And I believe that a building has to be usable to be preserved. There are definite historic features that we advocate for retaining that make the building what it is. But I believe that you should be able to add modern amenities and things that make it work for our modern… ( read more )