We at Isaiah Industries feel strongly that our calling as an organization goes far beyond fabricating metal parts and treating customers right. We believe that God has blessed us with circles of influence in which we are responsible for making a positive impact.

Social Responsibility

As an organization, our goal is that with each interaction with us, a person detects that there is something different about us. Whether we’re working with customers, consumers, suppliers, competitors, or the local community, each member of our organization strives to live out and reflect our Core Values.

To serve others we:

  • Financially support numerous area churches, food pantries, Habitat for Humanity, and other organizations.
  • We staff a local food pantry one day each week.
  • We encourage team members to serve on local boards and play leadership roles in their churches, and other community organizations. And give them the time to do it.
  • We serve within the building products industry, making our team members available to help organizations such as Metal Construction Association , Metal Roofing Alliance, and the National Roofing Contractors Association.

In each workspace of our Corporate facilities, our team members have this Brennan Manning quote posted: “In every encounter we either give life or we drain it; there is no neutral exchange.”

That sums up our commitment to social responsibility nicely.

Economic Responsibility

Ours has never been an organization with a short term view. Our long term commitment is to build a company that is intended to still exist 100 years from now. This calls us to be fiscally responsible but also very forward thinking. We take very seriously the importance of employing Americans, providing gainful, stable employment, and being of economic benefit to our community.

To exercise stewardship we:

  • Give our valued staff members reasons to stay with us. Our average length of employment, across the country, is 15+ years.
  • Frequently hire college students for summer work, trying to give them practical and real world exposure to business, and when possible, to their specific area of career interest.
  • Strive for fair relationships with our suppliers that ensure their success and meet their needs as well. Our success is based on our own planning actions; nothing is gained by antagonizing your suppliers.
  • We strive to be a supportive pillar of all communities within which we operate.

We understand the downstream of our products and revenues – bringing economic benefit to the companies that sell and install our products throughout the world. What starts with our organization, matters.

Environmental Responsibility

We see Isaiah Industries as being in the energy business; producing products that either save, or eventually, create energy. It weighs heavily on us when we see companies promoting “environmentally friendly” products, without really analyzing their own internal processes and the impact on the environment.

To protect the environment we:

  • Produce products from recycled metal.
  • Produce products that can be recycled.
  • Produce products that enhance building energy efficiency.
  • Recycle our own waste stream of raw materials.
  • Minimize our downstream waste with specific recycling programs.
  • Continually evaluate packaging and transportation methods, to eliminate waste.
  • Produce products that help to avoid landfill disposal of old roofing materials.

Our commitment is to always be on the leading edge of developing products that are more energy efficient and care better for our environment. We believe we have a responsibility to protect the environment God created for us, passing it on to next generations with love.

At Isaiah Industries, we take our responsibilities seriously…and to heart.