Our Brands: Roofing Solutions from Isaiah Industries

  • classic metal roofing systems logo

    Classic Metal Roofing Systems

    Classic Metal Roofing Systems is our first, and oldest brand. Established in 1980, we continue to test, refine and improve this line of quality, aluminum roofing products. The industry leader in residential metal roofing shingles, we are always seeking to incorporate the latest and best technology in our products.

  • kassel and irons logo

    Kassel & Irons

    The Kassel & Irons brand brings the strength of steel to roofing applications across North America, with beauty and durability. Providing a permanent roofing solution and with undying commitments to quality and excellence, our products are 100% made in America from American-made raw materials.

  • green american home logo

    Green American Home

    Green American Home is a collection of roofing products specifically engineered and delivered with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind. Our maintenance-free metal roofing and insulating, radiant-barrier solutions are truly environmentally friendly.

  • roofaquaguard logo


    RoofAquaGuard protects homes and other properties from water damage in residential, commercial, and agricultural applications. We provide the construction industry with synthetic underlayments and other shielding products that address the unique needs of today’s buildings, while  adding value through energy efficiency, comfort and the very best in roofing technology.

  • ars metal supply logo

    ARS Metal Supply

    ARS Metal Supply is our distribution business based in one of the country’s most vibrant marketplaces for metal in construction – the Dallas / Fort Worth area. ARS serves contractors, architects, and others in Texas and surrounding states with an emphasis on fast, caring service, and reliable product information and education.

  • Our Proving Grounds…

    Whereas our products are normally sold and installed by independent dealerships, we have one “company store” based in Louisville, Kentucky. Through this operation, we sell AND install our Classic Metal Roofing Systems products in Kentucky as well as southern Indiana and southwest Ohio. This operation allows us to be closer to consumers and really understand the positive experience that they want when buying a roof for their home.