Architectural Services

A Sustainable Roofing System, with Low to No Maintenance

Roof design is a critical and high-liability part of any building. Isaiah Industries partners with architects on projects to help achieve successful roof systems in terms of performance and client satisfaction. Our extensive roofing industry experience is put to work providing project analysis and detailing. While most projects utilize our large array of standard products and accessories, we can also fabricate custom components.

4 Things an Architect Should Know About Isaiah Industries:

  1. We help architects specify the right roofing materials. Of course, our products are not right for every project, but our broad knowledge of roofing can be a time-saving asset to your design process.
  2.  With a partnered approach to design, we can collaborate with you to create a unique and quality roofing system.
  3. We know about changes and challenges, and handle them with flexibility and integrity.
  4. From quotation to installation, we are available…and have been for over 35 years.

Performance and Client Satisfaction:

  • Clients can choose from a variety of metal roofing materials and profiles.
  • Multi-hued coating options provide visual depth and contrast
  • High-performance PVDF coatings
  • Heat-reflective coatings that are Energy Star listed
  • Products are manufactured with a high recycled content, with minimal carbon footprint
  • Low weight minimizes transportation costs
  • Superior underlayments and integrated ventilation methods
  • Single family homes, large, campus-like building groups, and every building in-between, Isaiah Industries is an architect’s partner in specifying and delivering sustainable, durable roofing systems.