After being roommates in college and ending up, just a couple of years later, working together at the business founded by Todd’s father, Kelly Joseph and Todd Miller have spent their entire careers changing the way that homeowners across North America (and a few other places) roof their homes. As Kelly says, “It is an incredible gift when you have the opportunity to devote yourself to just one thing in your life’s work. Neither of us has jumped around to different industries … we have just focused on one thing … bringing the highest possible roofing value to homeowners who have found their “lifetime homes” … and we think it shows.”

As Todd describes how business has become much more than “just business” to the two over the years and instead a living out of their personal beliefs and Christian faith, he says:

“As we have progressed with the business and seen it grow, we have also seen that a business has to be about more than just the day to day process of filling orders. It has to be about relationships and impacting lives. This is why Isaiah Industries has an average tenure of over 15 years amongst its team members. This is why the companies that sell and install our products have also been with us for many years. In fact, we proudly still have our first non-family team member and our first major customer. And, this is why it’s not unusual for us to be involved on an ongoing basis even in the lives of the homeowners who choose our products …sending and receiving emails, calls, and even Christmas cards … just to stay in touch with the incredible people we have met and become friends with over the years. We’re here for a reason and, while that reason includes providing property owners with worry-free roofing futures, it goes far beyond that as well.”

Todd Miller, President

Todd Miller“After more than 35 years in the metal roofing industry, I figure I better have the “day to day” activity down. Yes, we are always pushing forward in terms of technology, especially in the areas of environmental benefits and beauty, but, at this point, not having to worry so much about industry knowledge and how to do my job is a huge blessing. Instead, I can focus on making sure that, in each interaction they have with us, homeowners, architects, and contractors all receive an incredible experience that makes them realize that we’re different than other companies. At the root of that difference is Jesus Christ … but the impact is changing lives and our team having an incredibly positive influence on the marketplace.”

Kelly Joseph, Chief Financial Officer

Kelly Joseph“When they learn that I am the CFO, people often comment that I must be the “tough guy” in our company – the guy who holds the purse strings. But, really, I see my job as far different from that. I see my job as having the overall responsibility to make sure that our suppliers and other partners in our business know that they are just as important to us as our customers and team members are. Across all areas of the business, it must be about relationships and bringing value to those with whom we work.”