Passionately Preserving Historic Buildings with Danielle Keperling

November 1, 2023

“We’re not making museums. And I believe that a building has to be usable to be preserved. There are definite historic features that we advocate for retaining that make the building what it is. But I believe that you should be able to add modern amenities and things that make it work for our modern needs.”

— Danielle Keperling, COO of Keperling Preservation Services

Although America is a relatively young country, you can find historic buildings in communities all over. Every state has buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places and many more buildings in varying states of disrepair.

Danielle Keperling developed a love for restoring historic buildings after growing up working for her parent’s restoration business. Now the part owner with her husband, she helps Keperling Preservation Services transform projects into complete buildings.

Listen in as Danielle shares an inside look into the details of historic restoration, including several notable projects her company has completed.

Topics discussed in this interview:

– Danielle’s path to her career in historical restoration

– What does Keperling Preservation Service do?

– Danielle’s mindset on maintaining historical accuracy or allowing modern convenience

– Operating from Lancaster, PA, a historically significant city

– The difficulty of finding passionate workers for historical work

– Info on the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County

– The difference between historic preservation and historic restoration

– Historic restoration contractors

– Which criteria does Danielle look for when considering whether or not to save a building?

– Working for private vs publicly owned buildings

– How receptive are manufacturers to making new parts for historic work?

– When are engineers involved with restoration projects?

– What kind of grants are available to private or public projects?

– Advice for new members of the construction industry

– Rapid fire questions

Visit Keperling Preservation Services’s website,, or send Danielle an email at

Titles mentioned: The Choice

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