Sam Beiler

How to Find the Best Employees with Sam Beiler

“Some of your best employees are already working. The big question for companies is how do we get in front of those people?” – Sam Beiler We are going through a major shift in supply and demand for labor. Employers across industries are having difficulties acquiring and retaining good employees. However, the show must go… ( read more )

Environmentally Friendly Homes Steve Linton

How to Build Environmentally Friendly Homes that will Stick A(round) with Steve Linton

Climate change is at our doorstep, and it cannot be ignored. As natural disasters increase in frequency and temperatures climb, this global issue affects all industries, but the construction industry especially. People are more conscious of their homes and want them to last for future generations. The homes we’ve been building won’t stand up against… ( read more )

Tim Seims

Providing Value and Improving your Mindset with Tim Seims

“Open doors and make connections” – Tim Seims Our guest today is highly knowledgeable and passionate about construction and building. He is here today to shed some light on the current trends in the building world. Tim Seims has his hands in all facets of building and construction, from building products, manufacturers, to even co-hosting… ( read more )

Scott Sampson

Building Homes with High-Speed Internet in Mind with Scott Sampson

“The internet today is just a teenager. It’s a messed-up teenager that doesn’t know what it’s doing, throwing things out, pissing people off”- Scott Sampson CEO of Fiber Fast Homes Since COVID, our collective home internet use has skyrocketed with work-from-home, homeschooling, and video streaming. Scott Sampson, CEO of Fiber Fast Homes in Jacksonville, Florida,… ( read more )

Travis Voss

Bridging Technology and Construction with Travis Voss

Travis Voss is the Leader of Innovative Technology at Helm Mechanical, a large mechanical contractor based in Freeport, Illinois. His role is unique for many construction companies, acting as a liaison between developing new technologies and his coworkers. He keeps his eye on the promising ideas of today and works with the field teams at… ( read more )

David Supple

Rediscovering the Architect as a Builder with David Supple

David Supple is the president and CEO of New England Design and Construction in Boston. After earning his degree in architecture, David felt unprepared. His lack of practical experience and construction knowledge left him insecure in his ability to provide the buildings that his customers deserved. David did some soul-searching and spent time researching the… ( read more )