Brian McCauley

Wisdom from a Sales Expert with Brian McCauley

“Anytime a salesperson is in front of a buyer, that buyer is asking themselves why, based off all the options available to me, should I buy from you? And if we can’t answer that question in a real, meaningful, impactful way, we are driving them to a price decision that we don’t want them to… ( read more )

Steve Dell’Orto

Improving Pre-Construction for Efficient Building with Steve Dell’Orto

“If you can capture that data you’re learning from the past, you’re applying it going forward in the future. And if you do it right, you don’t have to touch that data and clean it and mess with it time and time again to get one little answer at a time. It really becomes the… ( read more )

Moustafa Moursy

Utilizing Data to Grow Your Business with Moustafa Moursy

“If you walk through where the customer starts interfacing with your brand and move downwards, that’s where you can start seeing the different processes. Because, by the way, it’s not just the sales process; your business is a series of processes, just like your body is a series of systems. You have the digestive system,… ( read more )

David Hernandez

Optimizing Schedules with Compression with David Hernandez

“You have a set time from start to finish. Construction companies are always trying to find an edge on how can we complete this a little quicker? So why would that be important? It’s going to help you deliver a reduced cost with the benefit of repeat customers because if you’re delivering the projects on… ( read more )

Brittany Murphy

Leveraging Digital Marketing for Leads with Brittany Murphy

“No one wants to spend money on a website. It’s not the fun part. Let’s just be honest; I mean, like social media, I mean, all these other things are kind of more fun. If your website could be that salesperson that works for you when your sales guys are off, then what do you… ( read more )

Roger Yarrow

Job Site Surveillance with Roger Yarrow

“Many users get one camera, and they love it, and then suddenly, you know, they’ve got a dozen more right behind it. And it just becomes another tool of the trade to really help you excel at your job. And what we do is just make it easy for you to do that by making… ( read more )