kiki redhead

Kiki Redhead – The Power of Color

Color is a choice more complex than hue, as Kiki Redhead and Sherwin Williams know well. Different colors have different meanings, evoke individual emotions, affect perceptions, and even affect a product’s longevity. Colors follow a process from analysts to designers, to chemists to companies, out to salespeople and customers. A color choice says something about… ( read more )

Jordan and Mason Burchette

Jordan and Mason Burchette – Finding Hope through Adversity

We all deal with adversity, but an unexpected diagnosis was harsh news for Jordan and Mason Burchette. Mason, 25, was diagnosed with testicular cancer after his first visit to the doctor in nearly a decade. Surprised that he was at risk at his young age, Mason questioned the legacy he would leave behind. After enlisting… ( read more )

gary fleisher

Gary Fleisher – Opportunities in Off-site Construction

As material and worker shortages continue, the construction industry has a secret weapon. Off-site construction, making modular buildings in a factory. Projects are flexible and much safer to build off-site. With modular components, a building can be transported and assembled rapidly, without the need for highly skilled workers. Modular buildings are ubiquitous and will only… ( read more )

Lindsey Ray

Lindsey Ray – The Future of Flexible Office Build-Outs

The office space has changed heavily in the last two years, with many companies switching to remote work, some coming back to the office, and some doing a little of both. Through this transition, many offices have downsized, relocated, and readjusted their priorities. As a result, they need flexible space to facilitate the newly flexible… ( read more )

billy ream

Billy Ream – Designing Environmentally Conscious Homes

Architecture is more than construction, specs, and budget. It means open, thorough communication between clients, manufacturers, builders, and architects. Every space is a stage for the play of life, so setting the stage is critical to success. The best architects learn about their clients’ lives, habits, and preferences to deliver the best stage they can,… ( read more )

Frank Farmer

Frank Farmer – Lessons from a Veteran Salesperson

As consumers become more informed through the Internet, emotion continues to drive purchasing decisions. Salespeople can create this through snappy structured presentations that address questions, provide relevant information, and steer people to a better understanding. Also, technology is desperately needed to retain dwindling attention spans, and easier-to-install products will drive future demand. Finally, minimizing employee… ( read more )