Optimizing Schedules with Compression with David Hernandez

October 5, 2023

“You have a set time from start to finish. Construction companies are always trying to find an edge on how can we complete this a little quicker? So why would that be important? It’s going to help you deliver a reduced cost with the benefit of repeat customers because if you’re delivering the projects on time, it’s always a win for the end user and the customer.” 

— David Hernandez, US Head of Elecosoft

The digital age has brought about significant change in all industries, and construction is no exception. Every major advance in communication, planning, and management improves the capability and speed of business, from large to small. Elecosoft enables businesses to optimize their project with planning and visualizing software, especially with their 4D models.


Join us as we interview Elecosoft’s David Hernandez on scheduling and planning construction projects in today’s world. David shares key information on schedule compression and optimization for any size contractor, along with some examples of the benefits of optimized projects. He also sheds some light on his prediction for upcoming technology to watch out for.


Topics discussed in this interview:

– What is schedule compression?

– What are some challenges construction faces?

– Why do owners and contractors want projects done faster?

– Elecosoft and 4D models

– What is a 4D model in construction?

– Who uses Elecosoft’s programs?

– How long does it take to get on board with their software?

– Sharing knowledge and protecting proprietary information

– Customer feedback and implementation

– What will impact construction tech in the future?

– Rapid fire questions


Discover if Elecosoft can help streamline your projects at elecosoft.com and stay updated with their LinkedIn page.

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