Utilizing Data to Grow Your Business with Moustafa Moursy

October 12, 2023

“If you walk through where the customer starts interfacing with your brand and move downwards, that’s where you can start seeing the different processes. Because, by the way, it’s not just the sales process; your business is a series of processes, just like your body is a series of systems. You have the digestive system, you have the respiratory system, you have whatever. So, you have these systems that all have to work within each other.”

— Moustafa Moursy, President at Push Analytics

Construction business owners often establish their business with a set of processes and start finding customers. But as they grow, the market changes, and customer preferences change, too. Without updating their sales, marketing, operations, and all their processes, they won’t be able to meet customer needs.

Push Analytics provides these businesses with a data-driven outside perspective on areas of improvement and avenues of success. President of Push, Moustafa Moursy, joins us for this interview, where he shares the philosophy behind Push’s methods for empowering companies to update their processes and take control of their future. Listen in as Moustafa provides stories and insights from his experiences in the field.


Topics discussed in this interview:

– What led Moustafa to found Push Analytics?

– What kind of businesses does Push work with?

– What makes up a basic sales process?

– What interrupts a good sales process from forming?

– Should a sales process evolve to match customer and market needs?

– Meeting clients where they are

– Developing systems tailor-made to each client

– How to get buy-in with your team when introducing a new technology

– What process does Push use to help teams adopt new tech?

– What does a typical relationship look like between Push and a client?

– Moustafa’s predictions for the future of construction tech

– Rapid fire questions

Email Push Analytics at hello@pushanalytics.com, and include “Construction Disruption” in the subject line to speak with their team about transforming your business processes today.

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