Wisdom from a Sales Expert with Brian McCauley

October 25, 2023

“Anytime a salesperson is in front of a buyer, that buyer is asking themselves why, based off all the options available to me, should I buy from you? And if we can’t answer that question in a real, meaningful, impactful way, we are driving them to a price decision that we don’t want them to get to anyway. So, you have to be able to answer that question on both sides.”

— Brian McCauley, Founder of The Sales Guy and Columnist for Pro Sales

Wisdom often comes at the cost of experience and mistakes. Our featured guest for this episode has sales experience in spades and shares it with us through stories and insights from his career.

Brian McCauley, The Sales Guy, has been in construction sales for nearly thirty years. He is happy to deliver some pearls of wisdom he’s picked up, like dealing with a common problem many salespeople face that almost derailed his career, and four lessons from his recent travels.

Topics discussed in this interview:

– How did Brian start in sales?

– Brian’s current responsibilities

– Who does he read/watch/listen to for sales advice?

– Writing and inspiration for content

– Approaching sales teams in B2C and B2B

– The biggest challenge many salespeople face

– Introducing emotion into the sales process

– Scripted vs. prepared presentations

– What does Brian look for in a salesperson?

– Narrowing down potential candidates for a position

– What is the post-COVID sales landscape like?

– Being genuine is key to sales success

– Advice on social media

– The importance of getting out there and actively searching for leads

– Advice for newer salespeople

– Rapid fire questions

Check out Brian’s website, brianthesalesguy.com, email him at brianthesalesguy@gmail.com, or find him on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Titles mentioned: Never Split the Difference

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