Alex Walzer

Imagining the Future of Construction with Alex Walzer

“I live along those lines of open innovation, and… you can learn something from anybody. Don’t let your ego or disposition get in the way. So, imagine, you know, like you know already what you have in your mind and the values you stand for. Plus, imagine you can also learn 20% of everybody around… ( read more )

Matt DiBara

The Power of Process with Matt DiBara

“I think that’s the biggest opportunity for business owners. The candidates are out there; they want to work. It’s just what business owners are going to invest: the time, the energy, and the money to find them. There’s no better time in history to own and have a great company with a great team of… ( read more )

Jennifer Lau-Hatcher

Contractor-focused Financing with Jennifer Lau-Hatcher

“The programs that exist are built by lenders. They’re not built to benefit the contractor. We are building the platform and programs by home improvement experts for home improvement experts so that the pain points of the dealer are getting solved, which is a completely opposite approach to how everybody else is attacking it.” Jennifer… ( read more )

John Lenker and Assaf Arie

Grow Your Business with Intention with John Lenker and Assaf Arie

“If you put a system in place that can nurture those opportunities carefully over time and know what to do with each opportunity at each moment in the customer journey, then you’re going to always have things happening, and you can organize your growth in a very efficient way.” John Lenker is the Chief Vision… ( read more )

Chad Dunlap

Making a Difference in Mental Health with Chad Dunlap

“I want to be known, so when people look back on what I’ve done, I’ve been there when they needed it the most. And that is why we’re here. We’re here to make a difference in other people’s lives.” Chad Dunlap, Public Speaker at Upshift with Chad, Business Development Manager with Frost Roofing Suicide is… ( read more )

Brian Kronberg

American-Made Construction Revitalizes Travel with Brian Kronberg

“There was no playbook for us to follow. It was just a few people sitting in a room trying to map out what the next steps would be. And that’s how we got started, and the rest is history.”  Brian Kronberg- VP of Development at Brightline, Founder of Amerified While American railroads enjoy a rich… ( read more )