Shelby Ashley

Cash is King with Shelby Ashley

“Cash is the north star of your business. You can have all the profit in the world, but if you’re not converting that profit to cash, your business is going to nosedive quickly. You cannot stay in business if you don’t have cash. You can stay in business if you don’t have a profit.” Shelby… ( read more )

Gavin Coyle

Safety: An Invaluable Asset with Gavin Coyle

“I just want everybody to embrace health and safety as a tool of your business that’s going to make you money. And it’s actually going to improve the quality and the standard of your work and that, you know, you will attract really good people to your business if you have a reputation for safety.” … ( read more )

Cian Brennan

Slaying the Contractual Dragon with Cian Brennan

“I hated watching a lot of these smaller companies losing money, going out of business unnecessarily time and time again. They just didn’t understand how to do the contractual part of the construction game properly. You can absolutely deliver a really, really good job, do a great, fantastic piece of work for your clients, and… ( read more )

Jim Pancero

Systematic Selling with Intention with Jim Pancero

“Selling is not an art. It is a structured science. Now, when it’s done right, it looks artful, but it’s not like this free form, like taking a blank canvas and painting a new picture for each customer. We can’t afford that inefficiency today. We need to have structures and processes to make us both… ( read more )

Tatsuya Nakagawa

Expert Business Advice with Tatsuya Nakagawa

“There is a huge opportunity in the construction industry. I mean, it has such a big impact on the economy, the carbon footprint. There’s all sorts of opportunities. So, you know, whether it’s attracting, you know, great marketers, great technology individuals, people that want to work in the labor force, whatever.” - Tatsuya Nakagawa, CEO at… ( read more )

David Applebaum

Delivering Invaluable Architecture with David Applebaum

“A client said to Frank Lloyd Wright, ‘You know, of course, you’re famous; all your clients are rich.’ And he scowled and said, ‘I don’t care whether I’m doing a chicken coop. If the client is open to doing something really special, I’m in.’ He would have said it a little more elegantly, but that’s… ( read more )