Evan Troxel

Evan Troxel – Connecting Manufacturers and Architects

The relationship between contractors, manufacturers, and architects is complicated and misunderstood. Each party has a different goal, causing friction and animosity. With better communication, projects could be smoother, everyone would make more money, and long-term trusted relationships would develop. Our guest is Evan Troxel, Architectural Community Director at Tect App, Inc. Evan has worked as… ( read more )

Rosemarie Rossetti

Rosemarie Rossetti – Champion of Universal Design

Building for energy efficiency and environmental friendliness is great, but if homes, offices, and other buildings aren’t universally accessible, they aren’t fulfilling their purpose. Universal Design enables anyone to fully explore, utilize, and enjoy their surroundings regardless of age or ability. Our guest is Rosemarie Rossetti, an expert of Universal Design, aging in place, and… ( read more )

adam clark

Adam Clark – Customer Service and Competitive Advantage

The construction industry continues to grow but faces new challenges on the way. Customers are more educated than ever, distribution channels are shrinking, and the move to e-commerce is starting to become a reality. While change happens, staying consistent with excellent customer service and value provided to your customers is the best strategy. Our guest… ( read more )

Derek Hodgin

Derek Hodgin – Forensic Engineering and Building Quality

Building quality is crucial for safety and longevity. As building practices and materials evolve, understanding their interactions and analyzing their results have become more important. The potential for success and failure comes from every step in the building process. Our guest is Derek Hodgin, President/Owner of Construction Science and Engineering, Inc. As a registered professional… ( read more )

bob zabcik

Bob Zabcik – Safer Buildings Save Lives

Building safety is increasingly in the news. Whether it’s a crumbling older building or major mistakes on a newer one, examples of poor design and failure are often tragic. Supply shortages risk poor-quality substitutions threatening building integrity and occupants’ safety. Our guest is Bob Zabcik of Z-tech Consulting, a consultant for building safety and engineering…. ( read more )

jordan clark

Dr. Jordan Clark – Science Leads to Smarter Building Codes

Disruptive ideas can come to the construction industry from many angles. Sometimes someone just “dreams up” a great new idea and sometimes those ideas come from years of observing and analyzing things as they are. In other cases, though, those ideas come from leading researchers in the building sciences arena. These disruptions can also often… ( read more )