Making a Difference in Mental Health with Chad Dunlap

August 17, 2023

“I want to be known, so when people look back on what I’ve done, I’ve been there when they needed it the most. And that is why we’re here. We’re here to make a difference in other people’s lives.”

Chad Dunlap, Public Speaker at Upshift with Chad, Business Development Manager with Frost Roofing

Suicide is a dire problem in today’s society, especially in construction. Mental health often goes undiscussed, and issues go untreated as we seek to ‘fix things’ ourselves. Chad Dunlap’s best friend committed suicide, and now Chad has made it his mission to help bring awareness to this growing issue.

Through his organization Upshift with Chad, he’s been able to reach schools, police departments, businesses, and audiences of varying ages on the importance of addressing mental health. Although it can be a taboo subject, Chad spreads a message of understanding and openness, encouraging people to open up and take these issues seriously.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • – Chad’s responsibilities at Frost Roofing
  • – Frost Roofing’s collaborations with Isaiah Industries
  • – Chad’s life story and an inciting incident that changed his life
  • – How did Chad react to losing his best friend?
  • – Fostering a conversation on mental health
  • – Tough guys need help too
  • – Public speaking through Upshift with Chad
  • – Self-talk’s powerful effects
  • – Who is this message for?
  • – Giving back to those in need
  • – Employee resources to know about
  • – Rapid fire questions

Reach out to Chad at or give him a call at 419-204-0921. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help.

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