Contractor-focused Financing with Jennifer Lau-Hatcher

August 30, 2023

“The programs that exist are built by lenders. They’re not built to benefit the contractor. We are building the platform and programs by home improvement experts for home improvement experts so that the pain points of the dealer are getting solved, which is a completely opposite approach to how everybody else is attacking it.”

Jennifer Lau-Hatcher, Chief Marketing Officer at 1 & Fund

As home improvement purchasing is predicted to skyrocket in the next 12 months, financing is a crucial offering to capture more sales. Jennifer Lau-Hatcher and 1 & Fund are working to make financing available and effective for home improvement contractors first. These efforts start with training to offer financing during the sales process.

Then, partnering with 1 & Fund gives contractors an experienced liaison who offers several financing options, removing the roadblock of dealing with lenders and navigating terms. Listen in as Jennifer shares her vision for the future of home improvement financing through a dedicated service and platform.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • – Jennifer’s career and her start in finance
  • – Building a finance service for contractors first
  • – Streamlining home improvement financing
  • – How many lenders does 1 & Fund offer?
  • – 1 & Fund’s unique software
  • – Which companies do 1 & Fund work with?
  • – Finance coaching and sales training
  • – What does the future of home improvement buying look like?
  • – Balancing work and life
  • – What disruptors are next for construction?
  • – Advice for younger professionals – Jennifer’s podcast, Jenerator Stories
  • – Rapid fire questions

For your financing needs, visit or reach out on LinkedIn. To reach Jennifer directly, email her at or call her at 920-203-0885.

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