The Power of Process with Matt DiBara

September 7, 2023

“I think that’s the biggest opportunity for business owners. The candidates are out there; they want to work. It’s just what business owners are going to invest: the time, the energy, and the money to find them. There’s no better time in history to own and have a great company with a great team of people. It’s the most valuable asset you can have.”

Matt DiBara, CEO of DiBara Masonry, and The Contractor Consultants

Starting as a fourth-generation mason, Matt DiBara learned the trade from an early age. He soon graduated from picking up trash on the job site to fieldwork and now runs the family company and the Contractor Consultants. Focused on creating an unbeatable company culture and educating other business owners to do the same, listen in as Matt shares his wisdom.

Whether you struggle with hiring skilled and dedicated employees, fostering a strong company culture, or scaling your business to take on larger projects, Matt has some great advice from his experience running a successful business and helping others nationwide.

Topics discussed in this interview:

– The DiBara family history in construction

– Choosing construction as a career

– The benefits of college for contractors

– Implementing shared wisdom in business

– Managing your company with data and tools

– Being prepared for any economic conditions

– Building and scaling a great team

– Hiring processes for today’s world

– The importance of culture for retention

– Always have a hiring process ready

– What do the Contractor Consultants do?

– Rapid fire questions

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