Job Site Surveillance with Roger Yarrow

September 18, 2023

“Many users get one camera, and they love it, and then suddenly, you know, they’ve got a dozen more right behind it. And it just becomes another tool of the trade to really help you excel at your job. And what we do is just make it easy for you to do that by making everything turnkey and simple.”

— Roger Yarrow, COO of TrueLook Construction Cameras

Job site theft plagues the construction industry, causing monumental losses every year. TrueLook, a construction camera business out of North Carolina offers a feature-rich solution to this constant problem. Listen in as we interview TrueLook COO Roger Yarrow to get the details on how construction cameras can be more than just surveillance.

Roger shares his start in the con-tech field, noteworthy projects TrueLook has monitored, and a glimpse into the not-so distant future of construction cameras. Find out how TrueLook can help protect, monitor, and document your work.

Topics discussed in this interview:

– Roger’s background

– Discovering a passion for technology and turning it into a career

– The early days of TrueLook

– The impact of job site theft

– What does TrueLook offer?

– How can live viewing help your business?

– How do TrueLook cameras deter theft?

– What’s the next step for cameras on the construction site?

– Creating an adaptable product for rugged environments

– Details on TrueLook and their offerings

– Rapid fire questions

Improve your job site with TrueLook cameras. Visit to learn how a construction camera can help your business.

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