Face-to-face Communication in a Digital Era with Frank Somma

November 29, 2023

“The biggest thing for me as a salesperson is to remember that you are responsible for the result of your communication. You are responsible for all your communication because you want to be. You need to get a point across. It doesn’t serve you to say she misunderstood me. He didn’t get me. That’s not what I meant. They misinterpreted. None of that serves you. What serves you is getting your point across.”

— Frank Somma, Sales Expert and Professional Speaker at the Somma Group

After COVID forced the advent of video conferencing and only heightened our reliance on digital communication, sales expert Frank Somma wants to remind us that we talk, sell, and function best in person. An experienced sales leader, Frank joins us to speak on neurolinguistic programming, relational selling, and more.

Tune in for insights on taking your sales career to the next level or empowering your sales team to reach new heights. Frank shares wisdom on AI and the future of sales, too. As we hurtle towards an increasingly digital world, don’t forget the power of speaking face-to-face.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • – Frank’s start in sales and his journey to the present
  • – A look at The Somma Group and Frank’s offerings
  • – His book, B2B is Really P2P- How to Win with High Touch in a High Tech World
  • – Face-to-face communication vs digital
  • – Our overreliance on tech as a replacement
  • – NLP or neurolinguistic programming
  • – Tailoring your communication style to your audience
  • – Learning from the best
  • – How to get through to poor performers
  • – Challenging the stereotype of the salesperson
  • – Frank’s thoughts on AI
  • – Key advice for advancing in sales
  • – Rapid fire questions

To get in touch with Frank, visit his website: franksomma.com. Also, check out his book, B2B is Really P2P- How to Win with High Touch in a High Tech World.

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