AI and the Future of Home Services with Corey Berrier

December 6, 2023

“This is an opportunity kind of like when the Internet came about. I mean, we’re in a time right now that either one of two things is going to happen. Either you’re going to get on board [with AI], or you’re going to be left way behind.”

– Corey Berrier, Co-Founder at AI Automations Group, Author, and Host of Successful Life Podcast

In this episode, Corey shares his opinions and ideas on the relevance of Artificial Intelligence to home services providers. We also hear about his experiences and efforts as a business coach and advice on getting past common roadblocks.

Tune in for more information on AI, whether or not you should get on board, and how it could affect your business in the future. Also, hear about Corey’s podcast and the biggest lesson he’s learned from it.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • – Corey’s current spot and some challenges he’s faced along the way
  • – Learning from failure
  • – What does Corey enjoy most about his job?
  • – Key advice for business owners
  • – Dealing with AI’s rate of change
  • – A novel use for AI in roofing
  • – NLP and everyday communication
  • – The power of active listening
  • – Realizing the power of his podcast
  • – Advice for younger folks entering the industry
  • – Rapid fire questions

Check out Corey’s website, read his book 9 Simple Steps to Sell More $h!t, tune in to his podcast, or email him at

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