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Dream Home Realized: a Ranch, a House, and a Metal Roof

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Robert, a Texas homeowner, recently moved his 113-year-old Victorian home fifteen miles from its original spot. After the move, he needed a new roof to match his home’s unique style with long life, protection from hail and fire, and high heat reflectivity to combat the Texas summer. He discovered Kassel & Irons’s Kasselshake steel shingles and connected with his local installer, Green Knight® Metal Roofing. Robert is now the proud owner of a new roof that is a perfect match for his historic home.


This beautiful old house now features a KasselShake steel roof in Shake Gray, which matches the original cedar shake hidden underneath asphalt shingles years ago. This homeowner is thrilled with his new metal roof and happy with its style and energy savings. With an expert installation from Green Knight®, he can be sure of its quality for years to come.


The roof brings performance, style, and protection to this unique project, completing a major step in this house’s renovations. With all the advantages of steel, the stylings so close to wood shake, the lower weight, and the increased resistance to fire and hail damage, this metal roof will safeguard his investment. With the roof installed, Robert can continue working on the interior, well on the way to his dream home.


  • Matching wood shake style
  • Heat reflectivity and energy efficiency
  • Resistance to fire and hail

Do You Have a Dream Home?

Imagine this: It’s 2010, and you’ve always dreamed about owning a ranch and a house with some character you could restore.

Fast forward to 2018, when you buy fifty acres of undeveloped land in rural Texas, with a pond, windmill, and all the room you need.

As you look for the right house, you come across a listing for one planned for demolition soon. You visit it, and within fifteen seconds of stepping in the front door, you know it’s the one. There’s a problem, though, because your ranch is fifteen miles away, and you can’t move the land. Besides this, you’ll need new plumbing, chimneys, a new roof, an updated kitchen, and the list goes on.

Enter a house moving company, but not the kind that drives U-Haul trucks. This kind can take an entire house and transport it where you need it. Lucky for you, your new old house is close enough to your land.

In the meantime, you start listing the renovations you’ll need. First is a new roof because the movers tore off the old one before the move. You do some research and find the perfect roof, made from the best material and installed by an excellent metal roofing contractor.

Now you can begin the rest of your renovations with the right roof over your head.

steel shingles on texas ranch

A Big Dream Comes True in Texas

This dream came true for Robert, the proud owner of a 113-year-old Victorian house. This beautiful example of the Victorian style was constructed with old-growth cypress by German craftsmen at the turn of the century.

After purchasing his dream home and moving it to his fifty-acre ranch, he needed a roof. Given the opportunity, he did his research and considered his goals for a new roof:

  • match the cedar shake original to the house to complement the architecture
  • low weight to help maintain structural integrity
  • reflect heat and battle the hot Texas sun
  • protect the home and all it contains from the Texas hail. wind, and storms
  • protect the structure from fire damage in dry seasons

When Robert searched for a roof with these goals in mind, only one roofing material fit the bill: metal.

Why a Metal Roof?

Metal roofing, previously thought of as “tin roof” or barn roofing, has advanced dramatically in quality and performance over the past twenty years.

With a significantly longer lifespan than asphalt, lower weight than tile or slate, and the ability to match any roof style, even shake, metal was the obvious choice for this project.

Residential metal roofing is offered in two primary forms today: standing seam or metal shingles. Either one may be a good fit for a project, depending on the construction and style. Standing seam offers a modern look, which doesn’t fit the Victorian aesthetic. Metal shingles typically feature an interlocking design, a wide array of colors and styles, and can match most homes’ aesthetics.

Metal Shingles for This Project

Robert decided on metal shingles but still needed the right brand and the right installer. After finding Kassel & Irons through a YouTube series, he was impressed and reached out to his local dealer, Green Knight® Metal Roofing.

Once he contacted them, he met with their team and decided to move forward with their expert help. Salesman Brett Laughlin said, “Robert knew it was the right product the moment he walked into our showroom and saw the KasselShake steel shingle on our display.”

Green Knight® started the project by taking measurements of the house before it was even moved, involved in the project as soon as they could help.

As other contractors readied the brand-new foundation, progress on the roof paused. After this, installation could proceed, nearly a year since the project started.

kasselshake steel shingles

Artistry and Quality of Installation to Match

Installation took place over ten days, with an eight-man crew working six days a week, handcrafting the details to result in a one-of-a-kind roof to match the unique house it sat on.

Robert chose KasselShake, a steel shingle with a premium paint coat in Shake Gray color. This shingle closely matches shake roofing while providing all the benefits of metal roofing.

After seeing the final result, Robert was blown away by the craftsmanship. Thoroughly satisfied with his new roof, Robert had nothing but positive words for Green Knight® and their work.

We’ve had great feedback from the homeowner. He came by our showroom a week ago to update us on the renovation and couldn’t stop talking about his new KasselShake roof.
-Brett Laughlin, Green-Knight® Metal Roofing

Homeowner Gives this Project 5 Real Stars

I never give 5-star reviews. I go to a restaurant and deduct points every time something isn’t perfect. Green Knight® and Kassel & Irons both get a 5-star review because I tried and couldn’t identify a complaint. It’s rare for me to find a product or service that is excellent for the entire time I deal with it. This experience has been great, from first discovering the company to the finished roof, and I would not hesitate to recommend Green Knight® Metal Roofing.
-Robert, Proud Texas Ranch Owner

Robert found the perfect solution for his antique Victorian house, a KasselShake steel roof that matches the house’s style, reflects the hot Texas sun and protects his home from the elements.

Make YOUR Dream Home a Reality

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