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Colossal and Complex: A Roof Remodel for the Ages

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Jason, an Ohio homeowner, needed a new roof remodel for his large, complex house. After lots of research, he found that metal roofing was the best option for its energy efficiency, durability, and flexible design. He discovered Classic Metal Roofing Systems of Kentuckiana and was impressed by their portfolio of completed jobs. His installation went smoothly and resulted in a spectacular metal roof.


This unique home boasts a gorgeous aluminum roof finished in a weathered Mahogany and constructed with Country Manor Shake. It drastically elevates this already beautiful property’s curb appeal. Jason is thrilled with his new roof and can rest assured of its quality for years to come, upheld by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


The new roof saves money on Jason’s energy bills (up to 20%), cools down his attic significantly, and will protect his home from weather, wind, and fire. Along with all the benefits of a metal roof, his house has increased in value. Jason’s investment has already proved itself well worth it and will only continue to bless him and his family.


  • Design Flexibility
  • Durability
  • Energy Efficiency

Built by a professional baseball player in the 90s, this unique home features a large and complex roofline. Homeowner Jason purchased it a few years ago but knew that he would need to do some renovations. One of the first major projects was the roof. Faced with a stained asphalt roof due for replacement, Jason wanted something better for his home. Not satisfied with the performance of asphalt, he knew there had to be another option.

Discovering Metal Roofing

After some research, Jason discovered residential metal roofing, which far exceeded his expectations. In comparison to asphalt, metal roofing offers superior durability, greater energy-efficiency, and lower attic temperatures. Now knowing metal roofing was the right choice for him, choosing the right metal roofing brand was next. Jason needed a company experienced with complex roofs, committed to excellence, and particular about every detail.

Finding the Best

Classic Metal Roofing Systems of Kentuckiana serves homeowners in Kentucky, southern Indiana, and southern Ohio. It is the retail operation of Isaiah Industries*, located in Piqua, Ohio.

Since 2006, Kentuckiana has been doing exactly the kind of work that this homeowner needed, with a proven history of excellent installations. Completing this project would be challenging, though, as most houses with complex roofs aren’t nearly as big as this one.

Once he found Kentuckiana, the next challenge was selecting a color for this one-of-a-kind roof. Not satisfied with the standard colors, Jason soon discovered another option. ThermoBond, a special finish with a weathered look, can be applied to Country Manor Shake in any desired color.

Now that Jason had the freedom to pick whatever color he wanted, he chose a deep Mahogany to contrast his home’s lighter brick walls. Arriving at this decision wasn’t easy, though, with a metal roof from Kentuckiana warranted for 40 years, this choice would last. Jason received sample boards of shingles and put them up on the roof for comparison, streamlining the color selection process and providing peace of mind.

Challenge Accepted

Once Jason had picked his color, installation could begin. Installation was deliberately kept slow and methodical, emphasizing quality over speed. With a house like this, patience was key.

Further complicating things, more contractors arrived, set to install lightning rods all over the roof. Kentuckiana modified part of the roof to accept the lightning rods (which aren’t necessary to protect a metal roof). In total, the house, the garage, and the outbuilding were re-roofed, all with the same Mahogany finish.

After all the work was complete, Jason and his family were thrilled with the results. Their new roof is one of the best Kentuckiana has ever installed, continuing their legacy of installing beautiful, permanent metal roofs across the Midwest.

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Contractor Interview- Joe,  Classic Metal Roofing Systems of Kentuckiana

What was it like to work with Jason?

Jason did his research and came with a list of questions for us. He had considered several other manufacturers and roofing materials, but after hearing our answers, he went with us.

Why do you think Jason chose you?

We could show examples of projects we had completed with just as much complexity and detail as this one. Our track record of excellence spoke for our ability to tackle tricky roofs. Plus, jobs that Jason could visit and see our work for himself made his decision easy.

Were there any challenges with this job?

Yes. One was the lightning rod system. It required coordination with another contractor in the time and manner of installation. We installed the roof to integrate well with the lightning rod system, and our ability to adapt gave us an edge.

What was unique about the color selection process?

With a permanent roof, choosing the correct color has longer-lasting ramifications than usual. Jason went through several options, creating sample boards to put on his roof for comparison. He decided on a custom ThermoBond color and is very happy with the Mahogany finish.

Working closely with the Classic Metal Roofing team of Kentuckiana and others within Isaiah Industries, Jason W. and his family now have a permanent, beautiful, energy-efficient, and American-made roof to match their uniquely American home.

View the whole story of this roofing remodel in homeowner Jason’s review on YouTube.

Are you ready for a roof remodel?

If you’ve been let down by asphalt roofing and need a better option, consider metal roofing for your home. Aluminum and steel roofing both offer longer life, greater energy efficiency, and superior protection from the elements. Contact us today for more information.

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*Classic Metal Roofing Systems of Kentuckiana is Isaiah Industries’ retail operation.

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