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Homeowner Finds Energy Savings With Metal Shingles in Tempe AZ

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David, a homeowner in Tempe, Arizona, needed to replace his aging wood shake roof. It was falling apart, and he wanted to replace it with a more durable solution. After researching his options, he chose metal shingles for longevity, energy-efficiency, and appearance. This decision led to industry leader Classic Metal Roofing Systems and a connection with Haven Construction.  The result: a beautiful, lightweight, and durable metal roof that saved 25% on his electric bill.


Country Manor Shake aluminum shingles, designed to last a lifetime while providing excellent energy efficiency, now grace this beautiful home in Tempe, Arizona. The Buckskin color matches the appearance of the old roof but weighs less and will last longer. After a  great experience with Haven Construction’s re-roofing process, this homeowner is thrilled with the results of choosing Classic Metal Roofing Systems.


This new roof saves 25% on electric expenses, reduces weight on the home structure, and sheds water better than before. Although located in sunny Arizona, the homeowner has been able to set and keep his thermostat higher than before and reduce electricity usage.


  • Lifetime Roofing Solution
  • Saves 25% on electricity costs
  • Matches appearance of the old roof

Making a Choice and a Decision

When the old wood shake began to breakdown, this homeowner started searching for a new roof.  He had tried to patch it, but it was no longer practical. A replacement was needed, but it had to be the right roof. David’s roof is massive, with multiple chimneys and valleys, in total, covering around 11,500 square feet of space!

Having first considered another shake roof with the same issues and eventual replacement, it was clear that he needed an alternative. David wanted a roof that was durable, attractive, and energy-efficient.  The traditional tile roof of the Southwest, the next option, was too heavy and would damage the house’s structure. Also, tiles last for a while, but they aren’t waterproof.

The next option was a metal roof. After learning that metal roofs weigh much less than tile and are much more waterproof, David seriously considered metal roofing. After lots of research, he had narrowed it down to standing seam metal roofing or metal shingles. Standing seam is durable and energy-efficient, but it wasn’t the right look for his house.

Stone-coated steel shingles, a popular metal shingle choice, suffer from coating deterioration, increased risk of mold and debris pile up, and shorter useful life. David had to move on to another finish.  Aluminum shingles fit the home’s style better, especially the shake appearance of Country Manor Shake.

Now David had met every goal, and his only objection was the cost. After realizing he would make up the extra cost by never replacing his roof again, he was ready.

The Significance of Warranty with Metal Shingles

One significant factor in the purchase was Classic’s Lifetime Limited Warranty. This warranty is non-pro-rated, transferable for 40 years, and covers both materials and labor for repair or replacement. It promises the shingles can stand up to 120-mph wind, won’t chalk or fade for 30 years, and the coating won’t chip or leak due to hail. A warranty of this quality gave David further confidence in Classic Metal Roofing Systems’ products.

Choosing a Roofing Contractor

First, Haven Construction sent team members to measure the roof and prepare a project quote. After all the materials showed up, the installers got right to work. David said this about his installers, “They showed up bright and early every morning and kept at it every day. They were surprisingly good at keeping everything neat and organized and left things clean every day. And, they were great at taking the time to answer our questions and explain their methods. We even got to know the workers. When the installation was complete, we were sorry to see the Haven Construction team leave.”

teardown of old shake roof

Haven Construction during teardown of the old shake roof

The Contractor’s Perspective

Joe of Haven Construction was in charge of this re-roofing project, and here’s what he had to say about it. “This project had a complex roof, requiring 120 squares of Buckskin Country Manor Shake. The homeowner chose Buckskin to match the appearance of the previous wood shake roof.”

Country Manor Shake installation Tempe AZ

David’s Buckskin Country Manor Shake during installation.

Joe  of Haven Construction describes his overall experience with Classic Metal Roofing Systems as “incredible.” Besides providing Joe with products for the job, the manufacturer equipped Haven Construction with top-of-the-line support. Classic’s president, Todd Miller, answered questions from his installers while they were on the job, Classic sent free parts to help with the project, and the Technical Services team was always available for remote support.

Praising the Technical Services team in particular, Joe said, “the installation manuals had detailed instructions and helpful visuals. We had all of our guys read through them.” Besides the manuals, Classic provided a catalog of YouTube videos to help the installers with specific problems.

Of the homeowner, Joe said, “David was a very meticulous customer who had done his research and was prepared to work with us to find the right solution for his roof. The energy savings are going to continue year after year. He made a great decision in choosing a roof from Classic Metal Roofing Systems.”

An Investment That Will Last a Lifetime

Country Manor Shake provides many benefits to David, but his favorite is the long lifespan, now knowing he will never need to replace his roof. He’s also received lots of compliments on his new roof. Most people are surprised to learn that it’s a metal roof and not another shake one. However, the most surprising benefit is energy efficiency; his electric bill dropped by 25%!

To see a video testimonial of David’s experience, click here.

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