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Hawaiian HOAs: Aluminum Roofing for the Islands

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Waipio AOAO (Association of Apartment Owners) and Bluestone AOAO, townhouse complexes located on Oahu, needed replacements for their old shake roofs. After choosing metal roofing for its durability and flexible installation, both communities began searching for a skilled installer. Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing was the clear choice with their years of experience installing metal roofing in the islands. Both communities faced some challenges during installation, but the results were spectacular.


The new roofs save money on energy bills (up to 20%), provide improved protection from the elements, and last for decades. Now, both communities have an expertly installed Country Manor Shake aluminum roof on each building, adding to their beauty. Re-roofing was a difficult process, but Bluestone and Waipio are set for decades with it done right.


These townhome associations chose Country Manor Shake aluminum roofing, confident in their investment. The new roofing has increased the value of each community and its curb appeal. Quality of life has improved too, with lowered attic temperatures providing some respite from the tropical weather. Finally, the owners can have peace of mind with a forty-year warranty.


  • Design Flexibility
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Durability

The Villages at Waipio is in Waipio on Oahu, and Bluestone is in Lanikai, also on Oahu. AOAOs or Association Of Apartment Owners (Hawaiian HOAS) run both organizations and for these projects, approval from the AOAO of both communities was critical. Unfortunately, many HOAs have anti-metal roofing rules based on outdated views of metal roofing or the benefits it can bring to a neighborhood.

Classic Metal Roofing Systems will work with any HOA or AOAO to demonstrate the myriad reasons metal roofing works for their community. Our roofs have changed minds all over the country, one homeowner, HOA, or AOAO at a time.

Bluestone, the larger complex (thirty buildings to Waipio’s twenty-one), sits atop a hill, above a country club, and five minutes from a beach. Waipio is landlocked, focused on serving families with a pool, clubhouse, and playground. In contrast, Bluestone is a gated community aimed at well-off tenants who want to be right next to a beach. These are both large-scale jobs, but Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing (CRW) has plenty of experience with re-roofing housing complexes. One of their biggest jobs was a waterfront community with 326 roofs! Their focus with these larger-scale projects is consistency, delivering an excellent installation for every home.

Hawaiian HOAs

A Wise Investment

When the boards of Waipio and Bluestone considered roofing materials for their units, they had a few choices. Asphalt and tile roofs are common in Hawaii, but they each offer trade-offs to consider. Tile roofing is strong but brittle, and individual tiles must be replaced when they break. Asphalt is cheap but doesn’t last very long with a replacement due in ten to fifteen years. A long-lasting material was critical, as re-roofing was a tedious and challenging process for both locations. Metal is expensive but lasts for decades, a wise investment for a housing community. After deciding on metal and trusting the installation to the capable hands of CRW, both neighborhoods were ready to begin.

But before they could start, they had to consider their working environment. Hawaii’s climate presents some unique challenges for metal roofing, steel in particular. The tropical air and proximity to the ocean cause rust to form quicker than in temperate climates, so steel roofing is a poor choice. On the other hand, aluminum roofing won’t rust, making it ideal for island use. Weather also plays a big part in the durability of any roof, and the rainy weather and high winds that Hawaii faces are no different. This new roofing needed to hold up well to wind and rain, so Country Manor Shake was a great choice.

Hawaiian HOAs

Safety and Quality: Two Priorities

Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing has been safely installing metal roofing on the islands for years, and these HOAs’ projects were no different. To start, they implemented tie-offs for their workers according to a safety plan developed for each project. They also kept the residents’ safety in mind, protecting them from falling debris with a pedestrian canopy. Work took place while life continued for the tenants of Waipio and Bluestone, so CRW carted trash out at the end of the day and material in at the beginning. Their goal was to be minimally invasive while providing a quality installation. There were some challenges, though, and without anywhere to store equipment overnight, they had to move their crane into the job site every day. Bluestone’s hilly terrain has limited ground for trucks, cranes, and workers to further complicate things.


Despite these challenges, progress continued. CRW started by tearing off the old roofs in both complexes and then repairing the decking underneath as necessary. Then, they changed the drip edge flashing, starter strip, and hip to Increase their effectiveness in a tropical climate.Interestingly, both jobs were similar, with an identical radiant barrier added and foam inserts underneath each shingle. They also used the same color of Country Manor Shake, Mustang Brown. But, Bluestone’s roofs took 9600 square feet of roofing to complete, while Waipio needed 16000 square feet. The roofs of Bluestone were complex, cut-up, and took significant effort to install. Details were crucial, too, so CRW hand-fabricated dozens of trim pieces. Waipio’s roofs were steeper at a 6:12 pitch, which made installation challenging in its own way. Once the projects were complete, each building had a beautiful metal roof with hand-crafted details, a recipe for success, and long-term strength.

A Breath-taking Result

The new roofs are stunning, a massive upgrade for both the Villages at Waipio and Bluestone. With a forty-year warranty protecting their investment, the residents can be confident in their decision. Also, Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing can add two projects to their portfolio of phenomenal roofing jobs across the islands.

Are you looking for a roof on the islands? Our aluminum roofing is rustproof and will last far longer than a typical asphalt shingle roof. Call us today for more information or to find an installer near you.

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Hawaiian HOAs

Hawaiian HOAs