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Mansard Roofing Solution: Revenue & Rejuvenation

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mansard roof, before metal

Get the job done and meet the budget. That mandate put The DSCC Project Manager, Charlie Attar to work on finding the right mansard roofing solution for the owners of a 120 unit apartment complex in middle Missouri built in the mid-‘70s.

The mansard was old cedar that had not been maintained, with rotted wood, holes, and even some pests. Though given a budget to repair rotted wood to paint, the bank financing the project disagreed with simply repairing, and directed that there be no exposed wood at completion.

More than a choice of product: there were problems to solve.

Attar explained “This was a tricky job, with not one clean, straight surface. The roof had many penetrations from windows and doors, with lots of rot around the majority of them. Very often with mansards, we tear off the roofing materials, put plywood over the whole thing, and then asphalt.

It had to be watertight and protect from animal infestations. Asphalt was not an option. Our choice of materials for this renovation was vinyl or aluminum.” My preliminary research turned up material costs of 2 to 2-½ times higher than asphalt, and product warranties were an issue.

Another contractor urged me to contact Classic Metal Roofing Systems. He’d never worked with them, but knew they had a good reputation…and so I asked for information. Within a week, my partner and I knew that we wanted a Classic roofing solution for this project. We then needed to convince the property owners.”

Discovering the Classic Difference

At the heart of the Classic Difference is the team of professionals who manufacture, design and deliver the solutions and details of every roofing project. One of these Masters of Mansards is Seth Heckaman.

“Charlie called me and said “You all were recommended to me. I was told you aren’t the cheapest, nor are the most expensive, but you know what you’re doing.”
– Seth Heckaman Sales Manager, Isaiah Industries, Inc.

Of course, it all started with a conversation, but it was soon moved to whiteboards. Seth surprised Charley with a detailed plan, quickly. Seth describes the challenges encountered in choosing solutions and estimating this large project:

“We really had to design the system from the ground up – figure out a way to go over the existing material, handle all the small sections and intersections, find a product that would look nice on a wall, design custom trim pieces, all while fitting in the budget. The roof of the mansard would have been simple, but they also wanted to use the product on insides and outsides of the dormers around the windows and the doorways.

Designing an assembly and trims pieces for the project to be installed efficiently and economically, while also turning out beautiful.”

seth heckaman's mansard roof detail

At the end of the discovery phase, the plan and the exceptional warranty provided by Classic Metal Roofing Systems, matched up the DSCC’s exceptional workmanship warranties, helped convince the property owners that this was a good decision.

And then a few surprises that confirmed a great decision.

mansard roof in progress

With the job just underway, the property values went up. A re-appraisal of the property boosted the value by over $260,0001 and there was less fire-hazard. And then the occupancy rate followed.

When the project started, there were 40 vacant units and the property owners were gearing up to hire leasing and sales agents and invest in advertising. With the roof, doors and windows completed strategically on the foremost street-side building, a “Coming Soon” sign posted by The DSCC in front of the now fresh looking residences, curb appeal pulled in the traffic and vacancies were filled.

finished mansard roof

Unexpected cost savings resulted in renewed revenue and payback for the property owners. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of full occupancy and happy residents.

As the project wrapped up, Charlie Attar summarized: “Nationwide, The DSCC’s customers hire us to be an extension of them, acting on their behalf to get the job done and meet a budget. This project was no exception.

We went into this property project knowing that our material costs for roofing would be 2 to 2.5 times higher than a regular asphalt mansard roof. At the end of the project, our costs were only 10% higher. The owners basically paid the same as for an asphalt roof but got a 10 times better product.

The property owners love it, they are very excited. It now looks like a well-maintained rental property.

I see why people keep coming back to Isaiah Industries and Classic Metal Roofing Systems The aesthetics are beautiful, and we all got good value for our money.”

The Project: Mansard Roofing by Classic Metal Roofing Systems

120 Unit Rental Complex in Bridgeton, MO

The DSCC contracted by new property owners for mansard roof re-work that included windows and doors.

Classic Metal Roofing Systems met product and warranty requirements, and helped plan execution of the installation of a Vermont Slate and Regal White Classic Canopy and Mansard Roof Panel.

Total Squares: 1300

finished metal mansard roof

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