Lake Mills, WI metal roof

New Metal Roof a Major Step in Restoration Journey


After purchasing a 19th-century home in Lake Mills, WI, Leah and her husband embarked on a restoration journey. First, they repainted the exterior, redid the kitchen and bathrooms, and moved on to the carriage house. Their next step was to replace their old wood shake roof with a stylish, durable metal roof.


Swita Metal Roofing tore off the existing wood shake roof and installed a KasselWood roof with a custom turret. The installation team replaced worn-out decking to create a stable platform for the new roof to rest. Everything went according to schedule, and the homeowners can enjoy their new roof.


Completing a significant step in the restoration process encouraged the homeowners. They rest assured that their roof and decking are solid and ready for many years to come.


  • Durability
  • Versatile Style
  • Longevity

Lake Mills, WI BeforeLake Mills, Wisconsin, named for the multiple mills near Rock Lake, is a small town of about 6,000. Founded in the early 1800s, it grew slowly but steadily. In 1889, Sam Buchanan bought some land and built a house. Over the years, the house passed through several hands, from the cobbler and grocer to the butcher.

Time took a toll on the old Victorian, and it needed serious renovation. When Leah and her husband bought it in 2008, they knew it would take effort to restore things to their former glory. The previous owners had already removed the aluminum siding to reveal the original clapboard and invested in rebuilding the turret.

After taking up the mantle, restorations continued with new exterior paint, a remodeled kitchen and bathrooms, and a new foundation for the carriage house. Tired of the never-ending list of things to tackle, the homeowners wanted to check a big box: replacing the roof. The old wood shake roof was worn out and detracted from their hard work on the rest of the home.

Enter Swita Metal Roofing

The steep 10/12 pitch, three-story height, and complex roofline called for an expert installer. After reaching out to most of the local roofers, they found Swita Metal Roofing, the only contractor confident enough to take the job. As Mike Swita said, “We were the right company for the job because everybody else turned around as soon as they saw the roof.”

However, Swita and his team didn’t win this job by default. Leah and her husband were won over by their reasonable estimate, efficient installation, and careful treatment of the roof and grounds.

This isn’t to say that the job wasn’t challenging. The turret required custom work and a lift for the roofers to stand on as they worked. Still, their efforts paid off with a roof that complements the homeowners’ hard work and the beauty of their Victorian home.

Lake Mills WI new metal roof After1

The next decision? Design.

Selecting the right design and color for their new roof was crucial to maintaining the Victorian style. The homeowners considered standing seam but decided against the modern lines in favor of KasselWood imitation wood shake. They chose Barkdust as the closest color match to their vision, and copper accents were the cherry on top.

Their new roof perfectly complements the existing colors, and the copper turret is set off nicely from the rest of the house. They’ve gotten several compliments from neighbors on their new roof already.

Lake Mills WI new metal roof After2

What do the homeowners think of their new roof?

Swita Metal Roofing earned a five-star review for their professional attitude, excellent work, and attention to detail. The homeowners knew metal roofing was right for their beautiful old home, and the finished product confirmed it.

On choosing metal, Leah said, “We’ve learned that it pays dividends to do things right even if it costs more money. The things we’ve skimped on have just needed another fix later.” She mentions, “I want a roof that lasts for a lifetime. I know I’ll leave this house to my kids, and I want it to be solid for years to come.

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