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New Metal Roof Protects a Historical California Ranch

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The historical Shadelands Ranch in Walnut Creek, California, outlived its 30-year-old redwood shake. The Walnut Creek Historical Society wanted a new energy-efficient, durable roof made from recycled materials, fire-resistant, and matching with the existing style. Classic Metal Roofing Systems fit the bill perfectly, and Allied Construction provided a high-quality installation. The result was an elegant solution that stayed true to the property’s unique history.


Shadelands got a beautiful Country Manor Shake roof in Mustang Brown with white trim. This combination matches the colors of the house perfectly, echoing the brown siding and white columns. The aluminum shingles are also fire-resistant, helping protect from California wildfires.


The new roof has prepared Shadelands for reopening after COVID. Now the house will be ready for tours during the week and weddings on the weekends. The Historical Society can rest assured that the Ranch is protected from the elements, and its beauty is enhanced.


  • Made from 95% recycled materials
  • Beautiful new appearance matching the old style
  • Lifetime roofing solution

History of the Ranch

In 1852, the Penniman family moved to the Walnut Creek area. When Hiram Penniman bought the Ranch, it spanned 350 acres, most of which were orchards. The Pennimans prospered in Walnut Creek, and Hiram helped found the County Agricultural Society. He built the Ranch house in 1902 as one of the area’s first homes, and it left the family’s ownership in the 1940s. The Historical Society reopened it in the 1970s, with many of the original furnishings still intact [1]. The Ranch now operates as a museum, and the surrounding gardens are a popular spot for weddings and picnics.

Shadelands Ranch 1950

Shadelands Ranch when it served as a school in the 1950s

While Shadelands Ranch has been serving the community for years, the roof was starting to show its age. The old wood shake hadn’t been replaced in around 30 years, and the Historical Society knew it was time for a change. Before they started researching their options, they connected with the City of Walnut Creek and the National Park Service to properly maintain the building’s historical value.

Shadelands is on the National Register of Historic Places, so there are specific requirements when renovating it. The project needed to meet the standard for maintaining the original appearance but improving integrity. The National Park Service would approve the design, but only if the white hip and ridge trim could be recreated. Classic designed a set of custom trim pieces that perfectly matched the old style, keeping the historical image of the Shadelands Ranch consistent.

Jake, Project Manager for the City of Walnut Creek, was in charge of the reroofing project. He oversaw the review process with the structural engineer and was involved in the design, proposing the change from wood shake to aluminum. Jake discovered Classic Metal Roofing in his search for the best roofing solution.

But before they could consider a metal roof, Jake needed to convince the Historical Society of the benefits of metal roofing. Historical Society member Jackie said, “I wasn’t sure about metal roofing for a historical building. Our big concern was if it would look right on the house.” During the approval process, other members were also skeptical of the merits of metal roofing. Matching the old roofing was critical to meeting the National Park Service requirements.

To help ease their concerns, we provided a list of nearby projects to visit, a mockup of the roof, and samples. This gave the Historical Society a chance to see our metal roofs out in the wild, try it on their building, and get hands-on with the product. Now that they could make an informed decision, they chose Classic Metal Roofing Systems.

Contractor’s Perspective

Allied Construction Services of Livermore, California, was the primary contractor for the job. Allied specializes in flat roofs for commercial installation, not residential or steep-slope roofing, so switching to metal shingles was a departure for the installation crew. They had previous experience with asphalt shingles and standing seam metal roofing, but none with metal shingles. As Allied installed the roof, they got expert help from the Technical Services team at Classic Metal Roofing Systems. Bill of Allied Construction said, “Classic was very responsive to any concerns we had. Their service was excellent.”

Before the project started, the month of April was blocked off to allow time for the reroofing. Crew members had to be flexible in working around bad weather during the project and wore masks to observe COVID-19 restrictions. Even with these challenges, Allied completed the installation.

Allied Construction reroofing

Allied Construction reroofing above the chimney

High Quality Renovation with Style

After the installation was finished, the Historical Society was thrilled with the results. After seeing the new roof, member Jackie said, “The roof looks amazing! It freshens up the entire house.” The other members were very pleased with the new design and the quality of the installation. Jackie commented, “All the workers were diligent on the job and cleaned up after themselves at the end of every workday.”

“All the feedback we’ve received has been very positive. I appreciate the responsiveness we received on the project. Working with Classic Metal Roofing Systems, it was very easy to get answers and to navigate concerns. As a public agency, we don’t give referrals or endorsements, but personally, I want to say that this project couldn’t have gone smoother…

I love the 40-year warranty, which doubles the life expectancy of a wood shake roof. The energy-efficiency and fire resiliency are a huge plus, and it’s beautiful!”
-Jake, Project Manager, City of Walnut Creek, CA

The Shadelands Ranch now has a new energy-efficient, fire-resistant, durable roof made from recycled materials that matches the existing style. The National Park Service approved the new roof as a high-quality renovation of this unique piece of California’s history. Classic was even able to design a set of custom white hip and ridge trim pieces to maintain the Ranch’s historical look. On top of that, the Historical Society and the City of Walnut Creek are delighted with the final result.

[1] National Register of Historic Places, Shadelands Ranch House, Walnut Creek, Contra Costa, California, National Register #85001915.

Shadelands California Ranch 2

Shadelands California Ranch 3

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