A Real Estate Investor Chooses Green American Home Steel Shingles


After researching his options, a seasoned real estate investor chose Centura Shingles for a 31-unit apartment complex. His in-house team successfully installed them for a long-term solution, and were so impressed, they’ve completed four additional projects.


Lou chose Green American Home permanent metal roofing for several other properties in his portfolio, from houses to apartments. Each of the buildings boasts a beautiful metal roof, improving curb appeal and increasing performance.


The Centura Steel Shingle roofs protect Lou’s tenants and his investments. These beautiful, durable roofs will reduce time and worry for Lou’s maintenance team for decades.


  • Guided installation for peak performance
  • Longevity/durability/beauty
  • Low maintenance

Meet Lou, a real estate investor based in Lima, Ohio.

Thirty years ago, Lou left his project management career behind to try his hand at real estate investing. Now, he owns nearly 700 units, including single-family homes, duplexes, triplexes, and even a 140-unit property.

Besides caring for his renters, Lou fields a maintenance team to tackle everything from plumbing and electrical to painting and major renovation. Self-sufficiency is key to Lou’s operation, and as an investor, he seeks out only products and solutions with a great return.

Centura Steel Shingle

Re-thinking Roofing Options

When several apartments and a few homes needed new roofs, Lou reconsidered his roofing options. His first thought was asphalt shingles, but the average lifespan of an asphalt shingle is only 12-15 years, hardly a long-term solution. The thought of another replacement and more maintenance was hard to stomach.

His next thought was metal roofing. After some lengthy research on the benefits and drawbacks of metal roofing, he tried standing seam panels from a big-box hardware store. These didn’t live up to expectations, so he continued the search unsatisfied.

The initial project was a 31-unit complex, so the chosen product needed to be durable, beautiful, and, most importantly, perform for years to come.

One day, while searching for alternatives on the internet, Lou found Green American Home. Centura shingle’s durable steel construction, excellent warranty, and premium coating caught his eye.

After choosing Centura, the installation went smoothly, with a detailed installation manual and support from Green American Home’s technical team for challenging details. The complete system of color-matched trims and detail parts streamlined the process, too.

After the first project, Lou was so thrilled with the results that he completed four additional projects, each transforming an old, tired asphalt roof into a new metal roof built to last.

Lou invested in Centura shingles for his properties, and he trusted the strength and durability of steel for long-term performance. He chose to cut down on maintenance with a metal roof from Green American Home.

Centura Steel Shingle

What Will Your Reason be for Switching to Metal?

Let our knowledgeable metal roofing specialists help you find the right metal roof and solve a multitude of property management problems. After all, your investment in real estate is an investment in your future.

Get a sustainable roofing system with low to no maintenance.

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