Accountable Building Performance with Connor Dillon

November 30, 2022

“You can see a project from start to finish, and you have confidence that the house or multifamily unit was built according to the standards and specifications that the builder promised they would deliver. Our customers provide feedback, and we don’t edit it. We put it into our report, and then we publish it publicly.”- Connor Dillon, Building Science Institute

From quality to energy efficiency, construction thrives on accuracy, clarity, and transparency. Better homes, service, and relationships result when contractors, inspectors, energy raters, and homeowners are open and honest with each other.

Working together to build better homes will only propel the construction industry forward. Talented people are creating new, innovative solutions for better-built homes, but it will take collaboration from all parties to truly advance things.

Efforts like Building Science Institute are crucial for this new vision to come true. Their stringent quality measures, focus on customer feedback, and industry partnerships position them to serve your needs with honesty.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • What is a better-built home?
  • Home lifespan around the world
  • Building Science Institute’s daily function
  • BSI’s unique offerings
  • Looking to the future
  • Connor’s college experience and transition to construction
  • Learning a valuable lesson
  • Rapid-fire questions

Check out the Building Science Institute or connect with Connor on LinkedIn

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