Anodized Aluminum 101 with Park Kersman

March 8, 2023

“Anodizing is both a science and an art. And what we’re doing with the anodizing process is we’re building a translucent oxide layer to a much, much thicker level, which protects the aluminum; it stops the oxidation process.”

-Park Kersman, President of Lorin Industries.

Most of us have heard of anodized aluminum, maybe with aircraft parts, old-school cookware, or as a “fancy” material option. Anodized aluminum is a chemical process that changes aluminum, adding a durable finish. With thousands of applications, anodizing plays a vital role in many industries. As material science advances, anodizing provides a durable solution through an environmentally friendly process.

Lorin Industries has been in the anodizing business for decades, and Park Kersman, the third-generation president, demystifies the anodizing process. Lorin specializes in coil anodizing, opening up new possibilities for anodized materials. Listen in as Park shares why you should pay attention to anodizing, especially our listeners in construction and architecture.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • The upcoming Metal Roofing Summit
  • The origins of Lorin Industries
  • Discovery of coil anodizing vs. traditional anodizing
  • The power of committed employees
  • The science behind anodization
  • Longevity and a green process
  • Anodization avoids common coating pitfalls
  • Expanding Lorin’s offerings and color choices
  • Anodization outside of building products
  • Unique opportunities for architects
  • Are other metals good candidates for anodization?
  • How do anodized metals fare as roofing?
  • Rapid-fire questions

To learn more about anodized aluminum, visit or contact Park at or 231-727-6765.

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