Dr. Melissa Furman: Beating the Labor Shortage

August 26, 2022

While the construction industry isn’t alone in the labor shortage, some specific problems it faces are unique.

First, finding people who want to work outside with their hands is difficult. Many potential workers choose college over the skilled trades, a trend that is beginning to change.

Second, it’s also dealing with a multi-generational workforce. There are many factors to consider when integrating younger and older employees. Relationships are complex as new employees join the fold, older ones retire, and others work from home.

According to expert Dr. Melissa Furman, understanding these differences but focusing on the similarities between each generation is key to a happy, coherent workplace.

Melissa’s passion for guiding people inspired her to launch Career Potential, where she helps individuals achieve and organizations succeed. She’s taking the construction industry by storm with her balanced approach to training.

In this episode, Melissa shares her advice for young leaders and older professionals and addresses one of today’s hot topics: remote work. She believes in giving younger professionals a chance to be innovative and ambitious but advises them to learn from the older employees.

The future of workplace relationships is going to be a turbulent one, at least for a while. The key to harmony is being open-minded, innovative, and comfortable working with chaos.

Tune in to learn how to beat the labor shortage with an integrated workforce and make construction sexy again.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How can we create appeal for hands-on jobs?
  • The importance of succession planning
  • The multi-generational workplace
  • Finding the right fit in the workforce
  • Combining ambition and innovation with experience and work ethic
  • Assessment tools for self-awareness
  • Peeling back the onion on working from home
  • Being flexible about flexibility
  • Get over yourself, or you’ll sink your own ship
  • Be patient, listen, and don’t make assumptions

Head to unlockcareerpotential.com to invest in your employees with Melissa’s training and guidance!

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