Billy Ream – Designing Environmentally Conscious Homes

November 2, 2021

Architecture is more than construction, specs, and budget. It means open, thorough communication between clients, manufacturers, builders, and architects. Every space is a stage for the play of life, so setting the stage is critical to success. The best architects learn about their clients’ lives, habits, and preferences to deliver the best stage they can, taking the environment, materials, and a holistic understanding for an outstanding result.

Our guest is Billy Ream, creator of Ruahaus Holistic 3D Design, a firm providing “spirit-filled” homes with a variety of designs, ideas, and form factors. Billy has extensive experience as an architect with a portfolio spanning the residential and commercial sectors. Now an independent small business owner, Billy uses his skills to provide environmentally conscious homes with a holistic approach.

Connect with Billy on LinkedIn at or visit his website at

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