Bob Zabcik: Safer Buildings Save Lives

September 21, 2021

Can safer buildings save lives? Bob Zabcik says “yes”!

Building safety is increasingly in the news. Supply shortages risk poor-quality substitutions threatening building integrity and occupants’ safety. Examples of poor design and failure are often tragic, whether it’s a crumbling older building or major mistakes on a newer one.

Our guest is Bob Zabcik of Z-tech Consulting, a building safety and engineering consultant. Bob is Technical Director for the Metal Construction Association, a leading trade organization. Also a LEED-accredited professional and a licensed engineer, his career is dedicated to building safety and performance. Listen in as we discuss his current projects, the Grenfell fire in the UK, and the Surfside Condo collapse in Miami. How can we avoid similar disasters in the future with safer buildings?

For those wishing to connect with Bob Zabcik, he can be contacted at

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