Branding Basics with Claire Sakaoka

January 19, 2023

“Branding’s not this big nebulous thing. It indicates how people feel about the company and how the public sees you in the public domain, whether it be digital, word-of-mouth, all of those things create your brand. In the world we live in today, your social and digital proof is really everything.” Claire Sakaoka, Owner and Chief Strategist of engage5w

So, you have a great product, a dedicated team, and a desire to reach people. But how do you get your message across in this world of rapidly dwindling attention spans, short videos, and online reviews?

Branding, or crafting a narrative of your company and its interactions with customers, prospects, and anyone else, is vital. Your brand sticks with people, creating loyal customers who share positive experiences with friends and family or passionate haters rife with negative social media comments. As a contractor, your reputation becomes intertwined with your brand, creating opportunities for you.

Claire Sakaoka brings twenty years of experience in writing, marketing, and branding to help you build your brand and reach customers where they are.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • What is branding?
  • How do marketing and branding interact?
  • How does branding impact a construction/home improvement business?
  • Copywriting and contractors
  • Hiring and working with copywriters
  • Taking advantage of social media marketing
  • Web design and blogging
  • Targeting specific customers
  • Under-used social media platforms with potential
  • Rapid-fire questions

Contact Claire at, visit her site, or find her on social media.

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