Bringing Dignity to a Deserving Profession with Jared Ribble

June 21, 2023

“Roofers protect everything you hold dear. It deserves respect and we have to start standing up and saying we are not just roofers. I deserve a professional credential that shows I am awesome and deserve to be hired.”

Jared Ribble, Vice President of Certification for NRCA and Director of the Qualified Trainer Program

A roof is an essential part of every home. Sure, the walls keep the house together, and the floor keeps us off the dirt, but the roof protects us from rain, storms, and hail. Without roofing and the roofers who install it across the country, our world would be much less bearable. So why, then, is roofing not a respected job?

The National Roofing Contractors Association, or NRCA, believes that roofers do irreplaceable work, protecting our homes and businesses with skill and hard work. This effort shouldn’t go unrecognized or uncredentialed. To this end, they developed ProCertification, and Vice President of Certification for NRCA Jared Ribble shares their mindset behind the creation.

Tune in for insight on why roofing matters, how we can instill meaning into roofing careers, and why anyone involved in roofing should reach out to NRCA and consider ProCertification.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • – Passing up the family roofing business
  • – Returning to roofing after some inspiration
  • – NRCA’s approach to the worker shortage
  • – Omitting roofing from trade schools and why it’s a problem
  • – Contractors should invest in teaching in trade schools
  • – Certification addresses a growing need
  • – What is ProCertification?
  • – Which materials are available to be certified in?
  • – How has ProCertification affected people?
  • – What about liability?
  • – Adapting ProCertification regionally
  • – The Qualified Trainer program
  • – An inside look at the Stories of an Extraordinary Industry podcast
  • – What sparked Jared’s passion for roofing?
  • – Why does roofing matter?
  • – Rapid fire questions

If you are interested in ProCertification, or are a roofer yourself, visit to learn more. Also, check out Stories of an Extraordinary Industry for an inside look at the people and accomplishments of roofing.

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