Building Fire-Safe Homes Today with Derek Gruchy

April 12, 2023

“If you hear a smoke alarm, get out and worry about it being a false alarm later, come back in, laugh, cry, get angry about it. But you get to do those things now.” –Derek Gruchy, Program Coordinator at Seneca College of Fire Protection Engineering Technology

Many of us might remember being taught to “Stop, drop, and roll” in school or being excited to get out of class for a fire drill with fretting teachers corralling rowdy kids into neat lines. Or maybe it was an accidental emergency with burnt food setting off the fire alarm.

Whatever the case, fire is a (thankfully) rare part of our lives. Unfortunately, this rarity leads to unfamiliarity. We are often unprepared for fire, and fire safety continues to evolve as we learn from our mistakes. Especially in the building industry, changing materials and techniques require careful understanding for the best fire safety.

Join us as expert Derek Gruchy shares insights on human behavior during fires, modern materials, fire safety, perspective on historical fires, and even tips you can implement immediately.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • The upcoming Metal Roofing Summit
  • Derek’s unconventional path to fire safety
  • Seneca College and the Fire Protection Engineering Technology program
  • Important risk factors for residential fires
  • A few simple tips to protect yourself and your family
  • Modern construction materials and fire risk
  • Construction trends that need to go
  • High ceilings and residential fire
  • The Grenfell fire
  • Exit strategies and human behavior in emergencies
  • Balancing cost and fire safety in building materials
  • Steps you can take to educate yourself on fire safety
  • Electric cars and fire risk
  • Rapid fire questions

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