Building Homes with High-Speed Internet in Mind with Scott Sampson

July 6, 2022

“The internet today is just a teenager. It’s a messed-up teenager that doesn’t know what it’s doing, throwing things out, pissing people off”- Scott Sampson CEO of Fiber Fast Homes

Since COVID, our collective home internet use has skyrocketed with work-from-home, homeschooling, and video streaming.

Scott Sampson, CEO of Fiber Fast Homes in Jacksonville, Florida, has partnered with builders to ensure new homes are fitted with the fastest internet available, cutting out lag and frustration.

Now they connect fiber cables directly to the home, instead of using a neighborhood cable. This allows for faster download speed AND upload speed. Imagine buying a home with the fastest internet available and TV with your favorite channels.

Pay attention builders! Fiber is a great way to add value to a home, and to be part of the future. Our world is only going to become more digital, and we’ll need the bandwidth to support it.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Scott’s progression in his communications and internet services career
  • How COVID changed internet infrastructure
  • How technology advancements are changing the internet
  • The importance of GOOD customer service
  • The unlikely symbiotic relationship between builder and internet provider
  • How fiber cables are installed during building
  • Home fiber vs neighborhood fiber
  • The future of the internet and why builders should pay attention

Follow this link to learn more about Fiber Fast Homes!

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