Casey Grey – Conscious Construction for a Better Future

February 8, 2022

Consciousness is awareness both of oneself and one’s surroundings. In construction, this manifests as a proactive choice to consider the environment, client concerns, costs, and everything making up a new building or renovation. It also means choosing to form an open, honest relationship between everyone involved in a job, from contractor to architect, every step of the way. Conscious buildings consider everyone’s thoughts, resulting in a profoundly successful project.

Our guest Casey Grey chose construction in high school after shop class appealed to him, and other classes missed the mark. He searched for an apprenticeship and worked as a carpenter for seven years. Then, he started his own business, content to run his company like anyone else. Everything changed when he unwittingly attended an event with a motivational speaker, and he examined himself and his business. He resolved to work and live intentionally, committing fully to all his endeavors as The Conscious Builder.

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