Cash is King with Shelby Ashley

June 7, 2023

“Cash is the north star of your business. You can have all the profit in the world, but if you’re not converting that profit to cash, your business is going to nosedive quickly. You cannot stay in business if you don’t have cash. You can stay in business if you don’t have a profit.”

Shelby Ashley, Founder/CEO at Optimized Financial Solutions

In the world of finance, while profit often grabs attention, the old adage is ‘cash is king.’ Businesses that struggle to turn a profit, especially early in their lifespan, can survive just fine with enough cash on hand.

Shelby Ashley of Optimized Financial Solutions was inspired by the opportunity to empower financially floundering businesses and provide vital knowledge to those who need it most. By tackling the complex side of finances, she gives her clients a new understanding of their accounts and profits, building a monthly plan with achievable goals.

Listen in as Shelby explains the power of a fractional CFO and what it can do for your business.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Todd shares a game-changing product
  • What inspired Shelby’s career choice?
  • Which industries does Shelby serve, and what does she offer?
  • Construction businesses and money management
  • Remote CFO services
  • The difficulty of admitting money problems
  • Bridging the gap between stagnation and success
  • Which key metrics should you track?
  • How did COVID affect money management?
  • Profit First, and the next step
  • Cash or profit?
  • Shelby’s breakdown on cost estimating
  • What to look for in a fractional CFO
  • A transformational client story
  • Rapid fire questions

To see if Shelby’s CFO services are right for you and your business, email her or visit her site and book a free consultation.

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