Climate Change and Construction with Crystal Egger and Kathryn Prociv

March 7, 2022

As weather patterns shift and evolve, the presence of skilled meteorologists is becoming mandatory. In the United States alone, we’ve faced many catastrophes over the past few years, from wildfires in California and Colorado to blizzards in Texas to hurricanes in the South. Extreme weather crops up across the country, and many communities have suffered the loss of life and property. As the climate continues to change, construction needs to follow suit.

Crystal Egger, President of Monarch Weather Consulting, and Kathryn Prociv, Meteorologist for NBC News & Monarch Weather Consulting, help businesses prepare for and react to weather events. Both are career meteorologists, Crystal at The Weather Channel and NBC LA, and Kathryn at The Weather Channel and NBC New York. Now, they combine their skills with a dedicated team of Certified Consulting Meteorologists and data scientists to provide crucial weather information for agriculture, businesses, and climate change.

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