Delivering Invaluable Architecture with David Applebaum

May 4, 2023

“A client said to Frank Lloyd Wright, ‘You know, of course, you’re famous; all your clients are rich.’ And he scowled and said, ‘I don’t care whether I’m doing a chicken coop. If the client is open to doing something really special, I’m in.’ He would have said it a little more elegantly, but that’s the way that I feel.”

– David Applebaum, Owner of David Applebaum Architect and Host of American Mansion on NatGeo

Normally, our topic list hits most of the high points in the episode, but this time, the stories, insights, memories, and experiences our guest shares are too big to contain. This episode focuses on architect David Applebaum, an accomplished and unique architect serving California and Texas.

Tune in to hear about David’s projects for the rich and famous and practical advice on delivering the best possible result for your clients. Learn from his years of experience and his approach to architecture and life. David has a lot to share with you, so strap in.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • David’s star-studded client list and how he got his start
  • Working for Frank Sinatra
  • How has the architecture world changed post-COVID?
  • What tools should a young architect focus on?
  • Example projects and applications from David’s portfolio
  • Delivering value to clients or getting what you pay for
  • Identifying the best contractors and developing relationships with them
  • David’s pick for the next decade’s game-changer
  • Rapid fire questions

For a closer look at David Applebaum’s work, visit his site, Or you can follow him for inspiration on Facebook or Instagram.

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