Demystifying Business Finances with Diane Gilson

July 19, 2023

“I love training. I like explaining and answering questions that my clients have and come to me with. It’s helping them structure their system in the way that’s going to give them the end results, the reports that are going to help them run their company more effectively, more efficiently, more profitably.”

Diane Gilson, President, Trainer, Consultant, Developer, and Author at Info Plus Accounting, Inc. and

Finances are a scary topic for many business owners, a source of stress and headaches. We don’t exactly learn how to run a small business in high school, so we turn to the Internet and finance professionals. But how can you cut through the confusion and take control of your numbers?

CFO Diane Gilson specializes in empowering small business owners to remain financially secure through growth, market fluctuation, and whatever challenges come along. Listen as Diane shares a CFO’s potential impact on your business and a few tips you can implement immediately.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • – Diane’s career path to finance
  • – Clearing up finances for small businesses
  • – Leveraging a teaching background to educate contractors
  • – Subscription-based financial advice
  • – Diane’s top financial tip for any small business owner
  • – An expert opinion on QuickBooks
  • – Choosing new technology carefully
  • – Risk management as you grow
  • – Using numbers to set a course for your business
  • – Is a CFO right for you?
  • – Rapid fire questions

Visit to discover Diane’s CFO services and see if they are right for your business. Plus, check out free webinars, articles, and resources to better grasp your business finances.

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