Ed Macnab – Printing Your Next Home

December 14, 2021

A lack of affordable and attainable housing affects people worldwide and the situation has escalated in North America. As the housing market has spiraled out of the hands of the people, companies are exploring alternative solutions. Additive manufacturing, specifically 3D printing, creates an object by adding layers of material via machine. Typically used for small plastic parts, scaled-up 3D printing with concrete instead of plastic results in a robust framework perfect for a home. Cheaper and quicker than building with traditional methods, 3D printed homes hold serious potential.

Our guest Ed Macnab, CEO of 3D Printed Homes Corporation, leads a team of skilled individuals dedicated to making 3D printed homes a reality in Canada. After time in construction, IT, management, and venture capital, Ed found a team with a developed idea and the technical know-how but lacking business acumen. After learning more about the business and its mission to bring affordable housing to Canada, he was on board. As CEO, he leads the company through this brand-new field.

Reach out to Ed through 3DPHC’s contact page to learn more about 3D printed houses and how you can work towards designing your own.

Episodes are sponsored and produced by Isaiah industries, a manufacturer of specialty metal roofing systems and other building materials.

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