Empower Your People for a Resilient Business with Randy Brothers

May 24, 2022

Randy Brothers is the founder of Elite Roofing in Denver, CO, and Head Coach at The Roofing Academy. After a short stint as a contractor himself, he quickly learned that he excelled at managing a business instead. So after starting Elite Roofing in stormy Colorado, he built the company to grow without relying on business from storms and experienced explosive growth. Now he shares the lessons he’s learned on the journey through The Roofing Academy, his best-selling book Start It, Build It, Grow It: The Contractor’s Guide to Success, and his podcast, the Start, Build, Grow Show.

Reach out to Randy at theroofingacademy.com, email him directly at randy@theroofingacademy.com, or check out their YouTube channel.

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