Ethical Construction Sales with Rolf Snobeck

February 22, 2023

When you’re in a sales situation, the prospect knows you’re a salesman and they’re afraid of you. Because the perception is that salesmen always want to close the sale. But there’s no mutual mystification. Everybody has to understand what’s going through the mind of the other person. I tell people it’s okay for them to tell me no if we’re not a fit.”

Rolf Snobeck, National Strategic Account Manager at Tecta America.

Sales are too often about hitting goals and closing deals instead of allowing the customer to be the focus. Our guest, roofing industry veteran Rolf Snobeck, has a different take. Ethical selling finds the best solution for a customer’s problem through careful collaboration. A crucial part of the formula is knowing your company’s offerings and sending customers to where their needs are met, even with another firm.

With the customer’s best interest at heart, an ethical salesperson allays concerns and creates the ideal solution. Ethical sales fly in the face of expectation, elevating the experience for us all.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • The 2023 Metal Roofing Summit is April 25-27 in Dayton, OH
  • Rolf’s introduction to roofing
  • Inside look at Tecta America and Rolf’s duties as an account manager
  • Experiences on the roofing design, contractor, and manufacturer sides
  • Buying processes and changing buyer priorities
  • Ethical sales and selling a solution
  • Focusing on helping the customer
  • Significant changes in roofing over 40 years
  • The skilled labor shortage
  • NRCA’s ProCertification®
  • The benefits of proactive roof maintenance
  • A truly sustainable mindset
  • CAC-BEF, an NFP dedicated to putting students through college in construction fields
  • Rapid-fire questions

Give Rolf a call at 630-514-1867 and find him on LinkedIn. Also, check out the Chicago Area Chapter Building Envelope Foundation if you or someone you know is pursuing a college degree in the building field.

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