Evan Troxel – Connecting Manufacturers and Architects

October 19, 2021

The relationship between contractors, manufacturers, and architects is complicated and misunderstood. Each party has a different goal, causing friction and animosity. With better communication, projects could be smoother, everyone would make more money, and long-term trusted relationships would develop.

Our guest is Evan Troxel, Architectural Community Director at Tect App, Inc. Evan has worked as an architect for years, but now focuses on the Tect App, a platform bringing manufacturers and architects for easier product discovery and fruitful relationships. As both parties experience labor and material shortages, cooperation is more important than ever.

Reach out to Evan on Twitter @etroxel or email him at evan@tect.com

Episodes are sponsored and produced by Isaiah industries, a manufacturer of specialty metal roofing systems and other building materials.

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