Expert Business Advice with Tatsuya Nakagawa

May 10, 2023

“There is a huge opportunity in the construction industry. I mean, it has such a big impact on the economy, the carbon footprint. There’s all sorts of opportunities. So, you know, whether it’s attracting, you know, great marketers, great technology individuals, people that want to work in the labor force, whatever.”

- Tatsuya Nakagawa, CEO at Castagra, Host of the Specified Growth and Roofer Reflections podcasts

We all receive thousands of pieces of information every day, inundated with the meaningful and meaningless alike. Unfortunately, our greater access to knowledge often serves as a distraction, but in this episode, Tatsuya “Tats” Nakagawa cuts through the clutter with valuable nuggets of wisdom.

Listen along as Tats explains his path to success from early adopter and entrepreneur to CEO and partner. His motivation for passing on these lessons is simple; he benefited greatly from mentors in his life and wants to pass his learning on to you. He expertly pulls business lessons from concepts, bringing relevance and insight along the way.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Tats’ journey into entrepreneurship
  • His partnership with the inventor of Castagra’s first roof coating
  • Future trends in roof coatings
  • COVID’s effect on the industry
  • The accidental invention of their signature roof coating
  • The Specified Growth and Roofer Reflections podcasts
  • Hallmarks of a wildly successful business
  • Advice for younger people interested in construction/manufacturing
  • Being a generalist vs. specializing in skills
  • Rapid fire questions

To follow Tats, reach out on LinkedIn or check out the Specified Growth and Roofer Reflections podcasts.

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