Frank Farmer – Lessons from a Veteran Salesperson

October 26, 2021

As consumers become more informed through the Internet, emotion continues to drive purchasing decisions. Salespeople can create this through snappy structured presentations that address questions, provide relevant information, and steer people to a better understanding. Also, technology is desperately needed to retain dwindling attention spans, and easier-to-install products will drive future demand. Finally, minimizing employee turnover comes down to creating a culture that people want to be a part of.

Our guest is Frank Farmer, President of American Metal Roofs and Metal Roofing Consultants. Frank started in sales in 1986, opening his own metal roofing company in 1999. Now the premier metal roofing contractor in Michigan, Frank offers his knowledge to new and inexperienced salespeople and contractors looking to improve their businesses.

Contact Frank through,, or directly at (810)-963-0021.

Episodes are sponsored and produced by Isaiah industries, a manufacturer of specialty metal roofing systems and other building materials.

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